Friday, March 28, 2008

booker and his umbrella

there was a day about 6 weeks ago that steven, one of booker's friends, came to our house with an umbrella, and booker was hooked. he watched curiously as steven got to put his umbrella up when he left, and down when he came inside. from that time on, every day a series of about 87 sometimes 94 questions are asked, all about umbrellas. i thought i would stop this line of questioning by telling booker i would find him an umbrella once the rainy season was over, so they would be on sale. this only made it worse. much worse. now the questions were not just, "why do you need an umbrella in the rain?", but were changed to "is the rainy season over mom?", "when do you think the rainy season will be over, mom?", and "can you make the rainy season be over now, mom, so i can get an umbrella!" everything was umbrella this and umbrella that. i made a special request of the easter bunny this year that he bring booker his umbrella before the rainy season was over just to save some sanity. luckily he delivered. on sunday, after he had played with it for a bit, we told him we were going to put his umbrella up until it rained. so yesterday, booker looked out the window just as we were leaving for school, and shouted, "i need my umbrella! it's raining so hard and i will get wet!" the umbrella came out, and made one boy very, very, very happy, and made his brother start the cycle over, when after booker left for school and lincoln got out in the rain, he started yelling, "raining! brella!raining! brella!" maybe the easter bunny will have to make a quick stop BACK at out house!

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Anonymous said...

I love it.... and i cant believe how big bookie is now, holy cow. and linkie talking... where have i been their whole lives......oh yeah stuck on a rock far, far away.

Noelle said...

That first photo is absolutely adorable! Framable!!! Love it. :)

Sarah and Duane said...

Sorry Kiki! Once Steven saw our umbrella, he wanted to take it everywhere when it rained (including the 2 feet from the car to the store.) Booker looks pretty happy!