Friday, March 21, 2008

happy birthday, jess!

There are mornings I wake up and everything feels just right. My alarm clock says 7:30, my kids are still sleeping, my husband hasn't left for school yet, the covers are just warm enough, the sun is just coming up and life feels good. I feel lucky to have any of those days. Most mornings though, my clock says 5:45, my kids are up, the covers are too hot and its pitch black out. And these mornings, although regular, don't bother me too much either, for one reason, I have friends like her. When we are together I realize that she has also had bad nights, great nights, early mornings, sleep in mornings (not too often), bad days, good days, frustrating times, and patient times, and 99% of the time has a smile plastered all over her cute face...and that makes me want to have a smile plastered all over my face as well. She is one of those friends that has it all together, and won't admit it. She thinks of others before herself, everytime, not just sometimes. She is so thoughtful and dutiful to her parenting, reading and studying about how others have done it well, then asks for your opinion, even when she already does it great herself. She's honest and kind and understanding and faithfilled and service-minded and funny and crazy all in one. It's friends like her that make me want to be a different and better person everyday. She really is all that and more. and only 26. Luckily, she is one of my closest friends whom I love and adore and feel lucky that I get to see her life in action often. Happy Birthday, Jessica! If you don't know her, just be jealous of me and read more about her here!:)


Nate and Jessica said...

Was your goal to make me cry? Because you did!!! You sure made my day...and it's certainly not the first time. Thanks so much. And by the way, I DO know that you had a choice in how big to make that picture and I am very upset about your choice. But I can forgive.

The Teeples said...

She is definitely all that and more. Happy Birthday Jessica! I only wish I had been here to celebrate it with you!!