Sunday, March 30, 2008

story time.

nighttime at our house lately has consisted of one very sought after activity, storytime. not by me, but by bj. before bed every night, booker asks, "dad, can you tell us a story?" the other night it was all about a snake that got tired. bj kept asking booker what happened to the snake and he would reply, "did the boy eat him?" "no", would be the reply, "he...." and he would fill in the blank about something funny the boy did with the snake. finally the snake ended up on the roof of his house so the little boy couldn't play with him anymore because the snake was too tired. with this in mind, i was somewhere that night, so i hadn't heard the story, and the next morning booker woke up with a lot of questions about the snake. i didn't have a clue what he was talking about until bj got home and told me about story time. it made for quite the conversation with booker. well tonight, i experienced storytime for the first time. this picture captured the experience quite well. the elephant, ernie, had just been woken up in the middle of the night by moto, the monkey. each time ernie went to sleep, the boys would put their heads on bj and sleep and await the crazy noise, then they'd scream and laugh and jump. it was so fun to see these three interact. they have such a great time together. it makes me so happy to see kids and their dads laugh together. it made for a great family moment. it makes me giddy just to think about what the next adventure will be. easily entertained, i know!
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Nate and Jessica said...

That picture totally says it all. I love how wonderful life is because of simple moments.