Friday, April 4, 2008


i'm so excited for the endless possibilities that this holds. mistakes will be made, lots of learning new tricks and tools and materials, even more sketching, but am excited for some good times to make just what i want when i need it to make the "perfect" gift.
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Noelle said...

Nice, did you make your own stamp? Thanks for that conference packet by the way, very clever!

Anonymous said...

ummmm, what the heck is it?? it looks like the back end of an elephant that only has 3 legs..... hahaha well anyway
GOOD ON YOU.... hope it turns out just like the picture in ur head:)

emily and kevin griffin said...

what are you talking about's a skull

Anonymous said... way that is not a skull

emily and kevin griffin said...

Kiki, confirm what this is supposed to be.

Ashli Coburn said...

ok, now I am curious... Is it a stamp? I think it is way cute btw! It is clearly a skull! LOL