Monday, April 14, 2008

flyin' for fun.

at night the boys crave bj. the first thing that is asked every night when he walks in the door is "can we wrestle?" and every night they do. tonight we got their energy out in a new way. booker likes to call this game 'rocket'. bj was a trooper lifting and shooting our little running boys for 40 minutes while i snapped pictures of them in precarious positions. these are a few of my fav.
flying high.

what a poser! especially hard when you see just how high he was.

love this one out of focus and all.

enjoying himself thoroughly.

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Annie said...

Great shots! I can't believe you caught them in midair.

Anonymous said...

how much fun is that!!! the boys are so cute, i can hear them totally giggling through the whole thing. ha ha ha

Nate and Jessica said...

Absolutely adorable. These pictures just make me grin.

emily and kevin griffin said...

so cute! bj must be buff..or sore.

Sarah Walton said...

What a great Dad . . .No wonder the boys love to play with him when he gets home! Great shots, Kiki.

ryan and berni said...

Those pictures are so fun! You guys are definetly a great example of what family is all about.