Tuesday, April 22, 2008

how do you spell amazing?

how do you spell the word amazing? M_E_G_A_N!

this day to commemerate her #28 birthday, 28 things i love about her:
1. she is the most giving person i have ever met.
2. she is always willing to help out in any way. see #1
3.she is loved beyond degree by 2 boys in ohio under 4 years old.
4.she just graduated with a degree in special ed. education after attending 5 different schools..she will never live that down!
5. she is a killer volleyball player, thus why she played at UVSC, Eastern Oregon and BYU- Hawaii.
6. she is a competitor in anything she plays or does. see #5
7.she loves candy more than anyone i will EVER know.luckily, also see #1!
8.she is creative in very different ways than me...pottery, teaching, poetry..etc..
9. she is adventure driven and will try just about anything.
10.she loves music, mostly raggae and country.

11. she loves kids and they love her.

12. she would rather be camping than anywhere else.

13. ...except for country concerts.

14.she is patient almost to a fault! it's unbelievable!

15. her family is always #1 in her life.

16.she is a poet.

17. she makes me laugh really hard.

18.she's a loyal and dedicated running partner.

19. she's forgiving. (thank goodness, with me as an older sister!)

20. she's one of the hardest workers i know.

21. her smile is contagious.

22. she is a fancy dancer. :)

23. she loves to eat out and treats others often as well.

24. she's a great driver, but has been in more accidents than anyone i know!

25. she once went to a parking lot and parked in 97 different spots, all while a person watched her from another car. :)

26. she knows how to have a good fun time.

27. she can be talked into just about anything.(katydids, grass drills, etc.)

28.she loves the Lord and it shows in how she lives.

happy birthday, mugs! hope your day was sassy and sweet..we can't wait to celebrate you when you get home! love ya!


Anonymous said...

Thanks sis!! u r 2 kind. i can't wait to see my two boys and my sis when i come home. 6 more days til i am back in the grand country of the US of A.
luv u long time

Nate and Jessica said...

She and I need to get together and eat candy.

emily and kevin griffin said...

yo. what about your other sister megan. we're pals too. good job kiki, i'm likin' it. that's pretty much megan summed up! we love her!