Monday, April 28, 2008

a visit from uncle drew.

we were so excited on saturday to have bj's brother, drew, come and spend the day with us. he drove down from cleveland in the morning, and we had a full day of fun!
the boys were so excited to see him. booker hasn't seen him since he was lincoln's age, and lincoln had never met him, so it was such a nice time to catch up with him! the boys loved "dwew"..and he spoiled them with presents galore! while picking pizza up for dinner, booker said to me, "mom, can i take him home?", "who?", i asked. "uncle drew... because i really love him!", then he proceeded to say the same thing about his dad. it was a great day of chuck e cheese, ice cream, movies, pizza, park and playing. thanks drew for coming! it better not be 2 more years before we see you again!:)
lincoln imitating drew crouched down..and booker imitating drew's dance moves!:) j/k drew!

"i love him, mom!"

what exactly is booker doing? any guesses?

lincoln being silly!

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Nate and Jessica said...

I've definitely seen Booker's pose's you, hand up against the bannister as Ben comes home from school...greeting him with smooches. Hah hah hah.

ryan and berni said...

That sounds like a very fun visit. What a cool uncle! :)