Wednesday, May 28, 2008

booker's funny words

*when he came out of his room today from play time, booker looked very concerned, so i asked him what was wrong. "Mom, when someone hurts their head, it's VERY important that they get it fixed right away!" i'll have to remember this advice.
*while working on his letters today, Booker announced, "My very favorite letters are A,Z, and F. hmmm, it might take me a minute to think of mine.
*last night, we had our date night group kiddos over to babysit them, in which a rousing game of pirate ship ensued. the bed was the pirate ship and booker got off for a minute to come over to talk to his dad. while off, one of the little girls started to yell to booker to come back on the ship. very politely, booker told his dad, "dad, i have to go, my pirates are calling!" where did he come from!
*on the way to the ward activity last night, i told booker how i really needed him to stay right with me all night. he said, " but mom, i just want to play with my friends." i told him that this activity wasn't about playing with friends, that it would get too crazy if kids were running around, and he promptly responded with, "mom, will you just give me a chance!"wow, he is growing up.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

lincoln's next party!

now that we have been in san diego for some really fun adventures, i thought i'd share lincoln's other party. we had a pirate luau complete with treasure hunt, and presents galore. here are my little swashbuckling pirates having such a great time celebrating #2!
even daddy was a pirate...complete with nasty teeth (not in this picture!):) they were just headed out for the treasure hunt.

both boys were spoiled with "real" pirate they could look just like Cap'n Jack Sparrow!
the cake...not my best, but the treasure map worked!..and lincoln loved it!
my little 2 year old matey.

Monday, May 19, 2008

lincoln's first party.

because we knew we wouldn't be home for lincoln's birthday, we had an fhe party for him and opened his presents from his grandpa john and grandma julie. he was in heaven, as you will see in these pictures...and in sheer delight when he saw his gifts. thanks grandma and papa!:)
everyone eats birthday apples, right!!

oooooooooh...look what i got!

brotherly love and affection for the same toy! booker was SO great being such a big boy when his little brother got what he has wanted for so long!

booker had to show him some of the great features!

what booker woke up to the next morning..and played with for literally 12 hours the next day!:)
happy birthday, lincoln! today as i looked at him i could never imagine my life without him, ever! he brings so much happiness and joy and laughter to my life each day with his cuddles and sweet voice! i can't believe my baby is 2!:)
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

how do you eat your ice cream?

how booker eats his ice cream...

how lincoln eats his ice cream...

after another ice cream treat the other night, can you guess who's is who's?

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

happy cinco de mayo!

last night, some of our sweetly fun friends invited us to celebrate cinco de mayo with them and some other friends and we had such a great time! the food was perfect, the weather was to die for, the company was a 10 and the pinata.....well, you judge for yourself! thanks dan and sarah!

Friday, May 2, 2008

my sweet boys.

i feel like i name every post, my sweet boys, but they really are! i took them out to get some pictures done yesterday and had a great time! they were halfway cooperative, thus resulting in some cute shots. looking at them sleeping last night made me reflect and be so greatful that i have them as my best little buddies. they keep me company, they keep me sane, and make life funny in so many moments. there really is nothing like being a mom.

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