Wednesday, May 28, 2008

booker's funny words

*when he came out of his room today from play time, booker looked very concerned, so i asked him what was wrong. "Mom, when someone hurts their head, it's VERY important that they get it fixed right away!" i'll have to remember this advice.
*while working on his letters today, Booker announced, "My very favorite letters are A,Z, and F. hmmm, it might take me a minute to think of mine.
*last night, we had our date night group kiddos over to babysit them, in which a rousing game of pirate ship ensued. the bed was the pirate ship and booker got off for a minute to come over to talk to his dad. while off, one of the little girls started to yell to booker to come back on the ship. very politely, booker told his dad, "dad, i have to go, my pirates are calling!" where did he come from!
*on the way to the ward activity last night, i told booker how i really needed him to stay right with me all night. he said, " but mom, i just want to play with my friends." i told him that this activity wasn't about playing with friends, that it would get too crazy if kids were running around, and he promptly responded with, "mom, will you just give me a chance!"wow, he is growing up.

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