Monday, May 19, 2008

lincoln's first party.

because we knew we wouldn't be home for lincoln's birthday, we had an fhe party for him and opened his presents from his grandpa john and grandma julie. he was in heaven, as you will see in these pictures...and in sheer delight when he saw his gifts. thanks grandma and papa!:)
everyone eats birthday apples, right!!

oooooooooh...look what i got!

brotherly love and affection for the same toy! booker was SO great being such a big boy when his little brother got what he has wanted for so long!

booker had to show him some of the great features!

what booker woke up to the next morning..and played with for literally 12 hours the next day!:)
happy birthday, lincoln! today as i looked at him i could never imagine my life without him, ever! he brings so much happiness and joy and laughter to my life each day with his cuddles and sweet voice! i can't believe my baby is 2!:)
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Nate and Jessica said...

Hey, sure miss you! And your 2 YEAR OLD! I swear it was yesterday he was hanging out in his fishy bouncer.

emily and kevin griffin said...

those are some cool pirate ships...i'd play with them!