Sunday, June 29, 2008

a sorry note.

what do you do when your son empties, and i do mean empties, his closet for the third time in a week? last week this happened in my house and booker had to watch me clean and organize the entire thing, and the thing that made it especially hard for him was that he had to choose one friend he would like to give ALL of his toys to, since he wasn't keeping good care of them. after bawling, and choosing savvy, his cousin, he asked if he could do anything to get them back. after thinking about it and seeing just how broken up about all of it he was, i told him he could write them a sorry note, and this is what he wrote:
the picture is an animal and he colored it this way "because some of my animals have spots and some don't"
(i will be nice. booker)
and amazingly, his closet has stayed immaculate this week...we kept the note on his door as a good reminder of what will happen if he doesn't keep it clean!:)
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Monday, June 23, 2008

eat my fire!

a few days ago, one of my friends sent out an invitation to our ward to join her in a bicycle parade. the kids were suppose to decorate their bikes and bring them to ride with everyone else. as i thought about how i could get both boys involved, i suddenly had this idea:

we took our bike trailer and hooked it up to booker's trike, just to see if it would work the other night..and booker loved it! not to mention lincoln was in heaven sprawling out in the back. booker begged to take him out for a ride every second of the day for the last 2 days, so was rather excited that today showed up! i asked booker what he wanted to make his bike into and he said, "how bout a rocketship!" so we attempted. he wanted to make sure we had fire coming out the back.."cuz i will go really fast, mom", he said.

we made the nose of the rocket and made it black and improvised the front of the rocket with streamers that went to his seat..i thought this part was pretty weak!:) but i thought the back turned out great.
the boys painted their fire last night and were so excited to put it on the bike today.

and there it is...the eliminator(in a monster voice).. with a license plate that read "eat my fire". booker let me know as we were getting close to everyone, "mom, i am going to go really fast and win!" i had tried explaining to him more than 10 times that this was a parade and not a race...

apparently he didn't get the memo!:)
he was so cute and was such a trooper carrying lincoln through this whole thing..i thought it would wear him out...apparently i was wrong once again!:) this is booker opening his prize for his "rocket ship" bike.

thanks jocelyn for the great activity!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

in their words...

ringmaster booker and cat tiger lincoln
this picture will always have a funny memory etched into my mind. let me set the scene for you. this morning i was talking on the phone in my room, and had asked the kids to play in booker's room together.(this usually does not last too long, however today was a different story) as i got off the phone, i noticed the room was fairly quiet, all i heard was booker saying, "get on in, boy, you can do it." when i opened the door, this is what i saw..well, this is a little posed, but this is what was going on. i asked booker what they were playing and he said, "well, let me show you." up on his bed he went, with lincoln under the laundry basket on the floor, and he starts shouting, "ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to our big party circus. today we are really lucky to have a....(he moves to the floor by the "cage")...really cool cat tiger." (he releases lincoln from the cage and lincoln wanders out on all 4 making very life like tiger noises and he comes over to me). lincoln then proceeds to act like he is going to bite me and booker says, "we are so lucky that this is a NICE cat tiger from the jungle" (in which he comes over to lincoln and says).."be nice, boy, be nice." i clap and cheer for my little circus and booker finishes by saying, "thank you for coming to the show!" what a riot these boys are!
i wish the funny laughs ended here today, however, after we were done swimming for the day, we went by the store to grab a few things and while in the cart, booker started shifting around quite a bit, so i asked what was wrong..(bad idea.) he answered, in NOT a discreet voice, "mom, i have a big wedgie and i can't get it out!" you can imagine how many chuckles we heard then, but to make matters worse, i tried my best to help him get it out (so we didn't have to go through this again), and on the way up to pay, 3 more times he just yelled, "i have a big wedgie, mom, help me!" you can bet i will make sure we are all wedgie free before entering a public place again!:)
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

swimming season

there are so many great things that come about because of swimming season:
1.boys who are easily excited about one activity ALL summer long
2. because the boys are so excited about swimming, this activity becomes a great treat, bribe (whatever you want to call it):)..pretty much ANYTHING that needs to happen before swimming goes VERY smoothly!:)
3. swimming makes my little munchkins SOOOO tired..which makes for a lovely afternoon.
4.swimming makes them happier than ever...they just laugh and giggle and is the epitome of watching a child be a child. of the only great bonuses about having to pay HOA fees is that we get to swim in our pool for "free" from 6 am till 10 pm any day..this makes me so extremely happy.
6.our little 9 dollar investment for a swim vest for lincoln...100% worth it. this along with 99 cent floaties...that boy will never go under the water,while still being able to feel as if he is 100% independent, just like booker!:) imagine the tan lines he could have after this summer!haha.
7. the best part of all of this is that summer just started, so here's to some happy swimming!:)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


*to have him as our dad, husband and best friend
*to hear him laugh and tell us funny stories
*that he works so hard for us, even when work isn't fun
*that he is an expert at kid play
*that he has just as much energy as booker..(where else would booker get that from!)
*that he is thoughtful
*that he is intelligent, but also LOVES to learn
*that he is our organizational guru
*that he puts our family first, when so many other things tell him he should not
*to have him in our life.
we love you, beej. have a happy father's day!
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Friday, June 13, 2008

a non-stop flight?

oh, i was so excited to finally have a non- stop flight home from san diego..mostly because i think the layovers are the worst part of the day, so was estatic to know that all i had was a 4 1/2 hour plane ride to columbus from san diego and would be home by 8 pm...hmmm. apparently non-stop flights don't work like this anymore! first we stopped in phoenix, which i got over when they told me that we would just stay on the plane and it would be less than 1/2 hour till we were on our way to columbus. imagine my delight when 1/2 hour went by and over the intercom they announced that we would all be deboarding our flight so they could board ANOTHER flight and send them to seattle!!!what!!! this is where the story gets interesting...

while in the phoenix airport for 2 hours, i tell my boys to stay on the carpet so i can keep my eye on them and so they didn't run into anyone. suddenly a man comes up to me and says: "i have 2 pieces of advice for you" (i should've told him "no, thank you")...and he continues, "#1...let your boys run wherever they want" "why should i do that?", i ask. "they have so much energy and aren't hurting anyone", he says. "interesting.", was my reply. "#2, you should stop dressing them alike. they are going to grow up hating each other!"..and he was dead serious. attention all you crazies who think you have great advice...KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

so we finally get on the plane and 3 1/2 hours into our 4 hour flight, lincoln starts to throw a tantrum..a 2 year old tantrum (and all of you with 2 year olds know you can't do ANYTHING about a 2 year old tantrum..even bribing doesn't work!) i just let him throw it...and thats when i notice a woman kitty corner from me staring rudely at me. now let me start off by saying that this has happened before and i have said nothing, but wish i had..and by this point of my "non-stop flight" i was fed up. so.....i stared back at her and asked, "what would you like me to do?" "well, maybe next time you could bring 2 pairs of headphones!" she says. "he doesn't like headphones," i answer, "now what would you like me to do!" "well, maybe you should try something like play with him or something," she quips back. "you have obviously never had children, so shut your mouth," i said, finishing the conversation. consequently, she turned back around and like any 3 year old would do, plugged her ears the last 30 minutes..(lincoln's crying had stopped when i was talking to her..the only 5 minutes of the whole flight he had cried!)

lessons learned? don't get your heart set on a non-stop flight. end conversations as quickly as possible that start with, "let me give you some advice." (its one thing coming from people you know, and who know you!) be more compassionate to people who have children on a plane...i have loved it on planes when i can pass on a snack or activity to a mom who is WORKING HARD to keep her kids happy and they just aren't..and vice versa. and to all of you who passed me on the plane and said, "good job, mom, your kids were great!"..thank you, and i thought they did great too!:)

Friday, June 6, 2008

silly smiles and what they mean.

we were playing at the park and lincoln had just come up to us after playing with booker and his cousins and this is what he looked like:
interpretation of this smile: booker just bulldozed me and i'm trying not to cry.
interpretation: arrrrrgh! see, i can make myself into a monster, even when booker bulldozes me.
interpretation: we are sick of these stupid pictures! (said through teethy smile)
interpretation: i am in complete heaven, really.
interpretation: mom, you are about to get wet...and i did!:)

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Currently Enjoying:

*outfits consisting of shorts and flip flops
*weekends with daddy
*beach trips
*waking up to grandma and papa every morning, and GREAT grandma last week!

*kite flying

*bright and sunny days

*exercising in cool breezes

*san diego's "bad" weather

*long ocean swims with new toys like seaweed and kelp

*sea world trips

*playing with cousins sam and angie

*holding sweet baby finnley

*lincoln's new "big boy" bed stage

*sandy and dirty, BUT happy boys (check out bookers legs!)

*our time in san diego.

...and just as a side note:

currently NOT enjoying:

*showering with a nasty sunburn (and yes, i did use sunblock)

*sad goodbyes with beej on sunday nights

I guess the good FAR outweighs the bad, so my life is pretty great and wonderful. I cannot complain. Hope yours is just as great.