Saturday, June 21, 2008

in their words...

ringmaster booker and cat tiger lincoln
this picture will always have a funny memory etched into my mind. let me set the scene for you. this morning i was talking on the phone in my room, and had asked the kids to play in booker's room together.(this usually does not last too long, however today was a different story) as i got off the phone, i noticed the room was fairly quiet, all i heard was booker saying, "get on in, boy, you can do it." when i opened the door, this is what i saw..well, this is a little posed, but this is what was going on. i asked booker what they were playing and he said, "well, let me show you." up on his bed he went, with lincoln under the laundry basket on the floor, and he starts shouting, "ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to our big party circus. today we are really lucky to have a....(he moves to the floor by the "cage")...really cool cat tiger." (he releases lincoln from the cage and lincoln wanders out on all 4 making very life like tiger noises and he comes over to me). lincoln then proceeds to act like he is going to bite me and booker says, "we are so lucky that this is a NICE cat tiger from the jungle" (in which he comes over to lincoln and says).."be nice, boy, be nice." i clap and cheer for my little circus and booker finishes by saying, "thank you for coming to the show!" what a riot these boys are!
i wish the funny laughs ended here today, however, after we were done swimming for the day, we went by the store to grab a few things and while in the cart, booker started shifting around quite a bit, so i asked what was wrong..(bad idea.) he answered, in NOT a discreet voice, "mom, i have a big wedgie and i can't get it out!" you can imagine how many chuckles we heard then, but to make matters worse, i tried my best to help him get it out (so we didn't have to go through this again), and on the way up to pay, 3 more times he just yelled, "i have a big wedgie, mom, help me!" you can bet i will make sure we are all wedgie free before entering a public place again!:)
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emily and kevin griffin said...

that's awesome. you can say anything and get away with it when you are little.

Sarah Walton said...

I love how creative your boys are when they play! I'm glad your cat tiger was a nice one. And that wedgie story is hilarious!