Sunday, June 29, 2008

a sorry note.

what do you do when your son empties, and i do mean empties, his closet for the third time in a week? last week this happened in my house and booker had to watch me clean and organize the entire thing, and the thing that made it especially hard for him was that he had to choose one friend he would like to give ALL of his toys to, since he wasn't keeping good care of them. after bawling, and choosing savvy, his cousin, he asked if he could do anything to get them back. after thinking about it and seeing just how broken up about all of it he was, i told him he could write them a sorry note, and this is what he wrote:
the picture is an animal and he colored it this way "because some of my animals have spots and some don't"
(i will be nice. booker)
and amazingly, his closet has stayed immaculate this week...we kept the note on his door as a good reminder of what will happen if he doesn't keep it clean!:)
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Brian, Jami, Paige, and Austin said...

What a great way to teach him a lesson. We've been having a similar problem at our house, so this is definitely going to be put on our list of "fix-it's"!!

Nate and Jessica said...

Look at him! Writing all that cute stuff...I am really impressed. I will be home soon and we must make up for lost time. Be ready to play!

Emily J. said...

What a good idea. I need to try that with Landon.

Anne Woods said...

awesome! his writing is so good! i can't believe it. savvy will be disappointed he's do so well! :)

The Teeples said...

That is so great that you did that Kiki. We are always looking for good ways to help Isaac understand that his room is his responsiblity. Thanks for the helpful tip