Tuesday, June 17, 2008

swimming season

there are so many great things that come about because of swimming season:
1.boys who are easily excited about one activity ALL summer long
2. because the boys are so excited about swimming, this activity becomes a great treat, bribe (whatever you want to call it):)..pretty much ANYTHING that needs to happen before swimming goes VERY smoothly!:)
3. swimming makes my little munchkins SOOOO tired..which makes for a lovely afternoon.
4.swimming makes them happier than ever...they just laugh and giggle and play..it is the epitome of watching a child be a child.
5.one of the only great bonuses about having to pay HOA fees is that we get to swim in our pool for "free" from 6 am till 10 pm any day..this makes me so extremely happy.
6.our little 9 dollar investment for a swim vest for lincoln...100% worth it. this along with 99 cent floaties...that boy will never go under the water,while still being able to feel as if he is 100% independent, just like booker!:) imagine the tan lines he could have after this summer!haha.
7. the best part of all of this is that summer just started, so here's to some happy swimming!:)


Anne Woods said...

great, you're home! Let's get together for a swimming date! or the zoo- this weather is Perfect for the zoo!

Nate and Jessica said...

Can you talk to my kids about why they should love swimming? We went to a pool a few days ago, but Jansen wouldn't get in. Maybe there's hope for Natalie.

emily and kevin griffin said...

I want to come swimming...haha...Lincoln looks like a poster for the Coast Guard...hoo rah!

Anonymous said...

Ur kids look like regular fish! :) if only the sun gave off as much yellow light and warmth as lincoln's outfit..