Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i cannot believe..

last night i got caught up looking at old pictures, and just could not believe the change that happens right before your own eyes, without realizing it! i saw some of these pictures of bookie and lincoln and cannot believe they are the same little kids!

this looks way more like lincoln to me.

i never remembered him getting so tan with such white hair.
those sweet blue eyes just popping out!
i can barely see booker in there!
this is lincoln less than 24 hours after being born..
this is what they looked like when we moved to columbus!!! oh my goodness, where has time flown?
i don't see lincoln at all in there.
a little more here..
but to see where they are now...i am really amazed! what a silly thing to be amazed over, but when others tell you to enjoy the time when they are young because it flies...I NOW KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!
i feel so lucky to share my time with them everyday! what sweet little boys i have!:)


emily and kevin griffin said...

i thought that first picture was Lincoln at first! they are still so cute though, and thanks for letting me come visit. --Pirate Emily

The Teeples said...

Those are the absolute cutest pictures of your boys. I love being able to see what they looked like when they were so little. Although, I can't ever remember how little Lincoln and Booker both were when you moved here. It is amazing isn't it.
If you need anything remember I am just a phone call away.

Love ya

Annie said...

So dang cute. I tell you, those bright blue eyes are to die for. Your boys just melt my heart, so cute.

Travis, Mindy & Boys said...

I know what you mean! Once they start school, it goes even faster. And then pretty soon their getting baptised and holy cow... Your that much older! ENJOY LIFE & ENJOY YOUR KIDS! Your kids are way too cute!