Saturday, July 12, 2008

in my next thirty years...

today i hit a big milestone birthday, and it's suprisingly a little refreshing this morning. i remember when i was a lowly 19 year old, flying on airplanes all over the united states playing volleyball and having some horrible experiences with "elderly" people who wouldn't take my opinion as anything because i was so "young". that use to irritate me so badly and i couldn't wait until i was OLD enough :) to have my opinion taken as valid. i think i have hit the "valid" stage! and with my life a little different than 11 years ago when i hit 19, i am no longer flying everywhere, but instead RUNNING everywhere after my perfect little boys with my first sweet girl in my belly and trying to keep things at home running smoothly for my most wonderful husband...and i couldn't think of a more perfect life for myself! each day i feel as if i am doing a work greater than i can even imagine, but as one who hopes to never sit idle, have just a few things i want to do in my next 30 years to change me and hopefully leave a better mark on the world!
*become more patient with others AND myself
*look for more tangible ways to serve others around me
*be more spontaneous!
*be more open about my opinions!!(now that they count!)haha.
*study more about our world and how and why it works
*let my closest always know how much i love them by what i DO and SAY!
*do some sort of "CRAZY" race..
*publish some of my books!..and not just wish..
*not worry about what others think, but remember what is important
*make MORE great friends!
*see the world!
*find ways to improve others around the world..humanitarian service/teaching/etc..
*share the gospel more openly!
*learn more about my ancestors and record stories for my children
*share more of ME with the world!:)
i have such a great life and always have and hope that my next 30 will be just as great as the first 30! here's to my dreams and making them happen!:)


Heather said...

Wonderful goals. Best of luck to you, especially on the book publishing front. If you get published, then I'll submit something for publication, sound like a plan?

Happy, happy birthday Kiki!

Landon & Kara said...

I think you're doing pretty well at most of these already!
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you're ready for the party of the century tonight, or at least the wettest party of the century by the looks of things right now...

Nate and Jessica said...

Okay, you said it. Let's do something really spontaneous soon. Oops, I better not think too much about it or it wont be spontaneous! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Travis, Mindy & Boys said...

Kiki- I can't imagine you getting any better than you already are! But knowing you... you'll probably master all those goals and much, much more! You're such a sweet heart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Scott Family said...

Happy Birthday, Kiki! Loved your goals. Excited for what the next 30years has in store! wow, so crazy to think of where we will all be then. And I didn't know that you were a writer! where have I been? Happy happy birthday! It was a fun party tonight.

cheeks said...

i was reading this list does such an amazing girl come up with any more great qualities to have or things to do?...i think you've already mastered your "next 30 years" list! I really look up to you! I think you're great! Hope you had a super day!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday! You are just so great-and look at you making goals and stuff. In your elderly wisdom I definitely look up to you ha ha! Please, you look like you're still nineteen!!

Sarah Walton said...

Happy Birthday Kiki! I hope you had a wonderful day! You're so inspiring . . . I think I'm going to go make some goals!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using my song.
-Tim McGraw

Perry's said...

Happy Birthday Kiki and congrats on the upcoming baby!! You are such a great person I totally look up to you, great goals but I think you are doing wonderful already!