Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a quick wrapup

so i am not exactly a once a day here is the rest of the roundup.
been enjoying the three of them: (and making my halloween the background!):

enjoying a little time alone (can you say that when you are with 105,000 other people?) with him:
watching exactly do they do this..and how much practice does it really take!!.so amazing:
with all of them: GO BUCKS!
making this for a friend:

and going to see amazing her:

with amazing them: don't ever say i didn't put a pregnancy picture up..and this was a month ago..ahhhhh!:)

my life is good. i'm blessed with an amazing husband, great kids, loving family, andsupportive friends. what more could a girl ask for!:)


Megan Melver said...

who is that singing???? and I didn't i hear about it????

emily and kevin griffin said...

me neither...cute pictures!