Saturday, October 25, 2008

a weekend update.

1 guest arrived...yay!
1 hot obama painted...and i'm not talking about me!
1 party completed...whew!
1 pumpkin patch hayride...brrrr!
1 trick or treat to come...sugar high!:)
1 buckeye win????we hope so.
1 primary program...ahhhh.
100% pooped out already, but 100% looking forward to the rest!
can't wait to share all of our fun in pictures!


Annie said...

I can't wait either! We just love you guys. That was such a great time. Oh and I can't wait for the primary program either. Big weekend eh?

Nate and Jessica said...

Look at that loot those kids have! I cant wait to see the Christmas shipment. We had a blast last night...

ryan and berni said...

I want to see a bigger picture of beej, that is too good!

Anne Woods said...

don't even tell me that's beej! We definitely need more- where's Michelle? Well done!