Monday, October 13, 2008

what i have heard on a monday already...

B: Hey Lincoln, do you want to go have a picnic outside?
L: Shhhur, Bookah!

after outside for a little bit....

B: Hey Lincoln, let's go on a walk to find Moses and Rameses.
L: Okay, Bookah, let me get my slippas on.
B: Okay, but hurry.

after a little jaunt around the yard, they must've run into Moses and Rameses...

B: Oh, hi, Moses! How is your morning going? (then proceeds to laugh..Moses must be funny!)
B: That's good...did you see any camels? (another laugh) That's so funny, Moses...yeah, this is my stick. No, it's not as big as your stick. Do you want to see my dinner stuff? (proceeds to take out his picnic set and show off his plastic plates, knives, spoons, and cups) Yeah, it's pretty cool stuff.

So apparently, Moses made his way into my backyard this morning to play with my boys...which is a fortunate thing considering their second uncle left today, and they were pretty upset! Thank you, Moses!


Nate and Jessica said...

You can always count on Moses. I can totally hear Lincoln's voice: Bookah, shhhur!

Annie said...

Moses eh? I like the stick comparisons. Moses's staff I'm sure was pretty awesome. That is hilarious.