Sunday, November 23, 2008

Warning...Posts Galore...

So after a crazy hiatus of no posting...well, all my pics were on the hubby's computer...I finally caught up (I think). So go ahead and read..and listen (I finally figured out how to put videos on!)
Make your way back to Booker singing Cruella will make your day!:)

we three kings..

I know lately there have been Booker stories GALORE..but believe me, we will get lots of Lincoln on here soon...he sure feeds off of Booker, so we will get to his stories later.
Today, Booker announced he is done being a pirate. And Batman. Batman only lasted 2 weeks. "Well, what are you now?" I asked. "A king," he replied. And we left it at that. Well, later on today, he brought it up again. "Mom, I don't want to be called Pirate Booker any more...or Batman..." and I interrupted with, "I know, you told me you want to be a king, right?" "Yep," he said. "Well, should I call you King Booker?" I asked. "No, I don't want to be called Booker either..." he said. "Well, what should I call you then," I inquired....and as fast as I could ask the question, he simply replied, "Just call me....King of Glory." I would love to know what they talked about at church today...and he has gone by this the rest of the evening...
so we made blue crowns..(very important that it be blue..)
and he made a throne on the couch...
and wanted to wear the blanket on his head??..don't know where this quite fit in..

and dubbed a second king...

and made him a throne as well...

and ruled our "castle"...or so he said.

do you wonder who the third king is...

Yep, they get all their kingly skills from him.. :)

i love you, beej and my other 2 kings.
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the dinosaur museum

With the baby coming soon, we have made the switch of putting the boys in one room, and moving the toys to the basement room and turning into our play room. After two weeks, we wonder why we waited 2 1/2 years to do this...Well, Booker went down the other night and after about 1/2 hour called Beej down to see what he had created. Beej called right to me, so I grabbed the camera and when I entered the door Booker said, "Welcome to the dinosaur museum." And this is partially what I saw in my guided tour:
"Here is the T-Rex, he is very large and mean"

"Here is the Diplodocus...."

and on and on he went until I saw all of the dinosaur bones in his "exhibit". what an imagination!
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see mom, i really used them.

my mom sent us new cookie cutters for for an afternoon project the boys and I decorated sugar cookies..these things were huge..and very SUGAR FILLED..thanks, mom!:)
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beggars night surprise

Here in Ohio, each town decides what night will be trick or treating night, and for us it ended up being on October out we went..and what do you think stopped the boys in their shoes...i mean, pirate boots??...

and gave them looks like this...

and this....

that's right, just down the street from where we live were 3 huge hot air boys were both mesmerized and could have stayed there for a VERY long time, if we didn't remind them that they could go get more candy...

man, we are going to miss this place next year!
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bookers last game

I know this is late coming..Booker finished his soccer season on a freezing night...check out what he wore...
yep, that was him in his camo pants and camo jacket..pretty smooooth!
lincoln wasn't happy without his superhero shirt on and threw a tantrum until i put it over his jacket.

Booker was so excited to get his award...

Look at that medal! What a great season..and what a great soccer player!

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we love you kyle and trevor.

a new game...ipod karaoke remix (pass around an ipod and sing your heart out with headphones on until your team guesses the song)..some very funny moments ensue..

a few promised moments from our halloween party..

it's all about the presentation.

And this is no joke. Ben took my camera tonight and took a picture of Lincoln's dinner before he ate it. Fine restaurants may not have the best tasting food, but it definitely always looks great. This is like eating at my may only get to eat chicken nuggets and apples, but darn's going to look great on the plate.
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cruella de-ville

Lately Booker has been into a lot of different thing he has always been into is music...singing, dancing, playing instruments..well, one night, Booker went out in our garage and said he wanted to play the piano..we had some friends over so didn't think much of it and all of a sudden we realized what he was doing...take a listen:

I think he made for a dashing Roger from 101 'bout you?

Monday, November 17, 2008

booker uncut.

I got an email from a friend the other day who saw this on another blog and wanted me to try it out on Booker...

1. What is something mom always says to you? "Don't eat the cookies"
2. What makes mom happy? "When I don't eat the cookies"
3. What makes mom sad? "That I say bad things to her"
4. How does your mom make you laugh? "I laugh at her and then she laughs back"
5. What was your mom like as a child? "good"
6. How old is your mom ? "two, zero"..(hmmm...20? I like the sound of that!)
7. How tall is your mom? "this tall" (with his hand high over his head while on his tippy toes)
8. What is her favorite thing to do? "clean up"
9. What does your mom do when you're not around? "puts Lincoln to bed"
10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? "being a princess"
11. What is your mom really good at? "riding roller coasters and driving"
12. What is your mom not very good at? "not at catching balloons when they fly away"
13. What does your mom do for her job? "you clean up and write stuff on paper"
14. What is your mom's favorite food? "chicken naggnets"
15. What makes you proud of your mom? "she lets me give maizie hugs and she cleans up"
16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? "captain jack sparrow girl kiki" (are any of you surprised!)
17. What do you and your mom do together? "clean up"
18. How are you and your mom the same? "we both like to eat food"
19. How are you and your mom different? "I do chicken naggnets and you clean up"
20. How do you know your mom loves you? "because we love each other as a family and play together and color together"
21. Where did your mom and dad meet? "jessica's house"
22. What did your mom learn when she was in school? "you learned how turtles walked and swim"
23. How old was your mom when you were born? "5"
24. Where did your mom live when you were born? after a very long thinking pause..."i don't know"
25. What do you love most about your mom? "i just love you a lot and we huggle" (never heard the word 'huggle' before!)

so what did i learn from this:
a. i must really profess a love of cleaning up to my son. too bad my house doesn't show for it!
b. he hasn't realized i'm a vegetarian yet. haha..:)
c. #1 and #2..he was feeling guilty for getting into the cookie plate this morning after i asked him not to!:)
d. that i am as completely in love with my little boy as i was almost 5 years ago when i laid eyes on him for the first time because he is completely crazy, spontaneous, honest and loves life more than anyone i know.

Monday, November 3, 2008

booker's lesson learned?

this morning, booker screamed to me that he had found a moth in his room. without me knowing it..he picked it up and put it on a book and brought it to me. "wow", i said, "what a fun moth"...and he said, "no, mom, this is a very important moth." "why?", i asked. he then put the book on the floor and took his big semi truck and said "watch..(took truck and drove it over the moth)..if the moth isn't really careful around cars, then he will get hit by them, and look what it did..(showing me the squashed guts all over the book)..see mom, that's why everyone has to be very careful of the cars and trucks on the road..or else we will be like the moth." so when you are out driving or walking, remember the wise counsel of my 4 year old boy...or you too could be like the moth. the end. (think we've driven the point home about watching out for cars on the road?) :)
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another fun weekend.

last week we had papa john come out and visit us for the weekend, and again, we had so much fun! the boys were spoiled beyond spoiled by papa and grandma and megan and played with all of their toys 24 hours a day after getting them. they have also worn their spider "kajamas" every moment they could since. So without further adieu...some pictures..
my dad was a lifesaver, being our babysitter while we got ready for the big halloween party..and played the boys new game for a good 3 hours that night. i didn't ever know something could hold their attention for so long!

then we made our way to the pumpkin patch..and rode loved it..

booker was a little leery of the guy walking next to him.

we went through the corn maze...

to find our pumpkins
then it was time to get our goods to our car...(look at their boots..yuck!)
and finally time to go home!
thanks, papa, for coming and playing with us all weekend! we love you!
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a fun weekend.

a few weeks ago we had beej's siblings all in town for a whirlwind weekend of catch up and fun.
we took drew to visit the air force museum...the boys loved it, but they wished they could TOUCH everything!:) and this museum is large enough to make it in 2 days.

after doing so well in the museum they were both rewarded with a deadly joust outside.

we spent some great fun time in the arcade with our uncles..booker and lincoln had so much fun just sitting on all of the rides they forgot they didn't even ride!:)


and who could forget the basketball shootout between the four of us...hmmmm..who did win that, boys??:)
Our cousins came to play for a day, and play we did! Beej was more than exhausted after this game!
Booker attempting his Heisman pose.
But of course, the best part of the entire weekend was getting these 4 together for the first time in too long! Thanks for coming everybody...we can't wait to do it again!:)
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