Monday, November 3, 2008

another fun weekend.

last week we had papa john come out and visit us for the weekend, and again, we had so much fun! the boys were spoiled beyond spoiled by papa and grandma and megan and played with all of their toys 24 hours a day after getting them. they have also worn their spider "kajamas" every moment they could since. So without further adieu...some pictures..
my dad was a lifesaver, being our babysitter while we got ready for the big halloween party..and played the boys new game for a good 3 hours that night. i didn't ever know something could hold their attention for so long!

then we made our way to the pumpkin patch..and rode loved it..

booker was a little leery of the guy walking next to him.

we went through the corn maze...

to find our pumpkins
then it was time to get our goods to our car...(look at their boots..yuck!)
and finally time to go home!
thanks, papa, for coming and playing with us all weekend! we love you!
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Annie said...

I'm glad the boys did a pony ride like Julia. So much fun. I love Lincoln's face on the pony.