Monday, November 3, 2008

a fun weekend.

a few weeks ago we had beej's siblings all in town for a whirlwind weekend of catch up and fun.
we took drew to visit the air force museum...the boys loved it, but they wished they could TOUCH everything!:) and this museum is large enough to make it in 2 days.

after doing so well in the museum they were both rewarded with a deadly joust outside.

we spent some great fun time in the arcade with our uncles..booker and lincoln had so much fun just sitting on all of the rides they forgot they didn't even ride!:)


and who could forget the basketball shootout between the four of us...hmmmm..who did win that, boys??:)
Our cousins came to play for a day, and play we did! Beej was more than exhausted after this game!
Booker attempting his Heisman pose.
But of course, the best part of the entire weekend was getting these 4 together for the first time in too long! Thanks for coming everybody...we can't wait to do it again!:)
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