Thursday, December 31, 2009

Comin 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for coming to visit us at our little piece of the web. We have had such a great year and hope that you have too.

Here are the answers to our family quiz....let us know how many you got right!

1.KIKI...yep, she and Ben ran in the Big Dam Triathlon this fall and had a blast running in it, but also enjoyed getting ready for the big day. She even got to the point where running felt great again and enjoys getting her daily buzz.:)

2.Suprisingly both BOOKER and KIKI! Yep, Booker got his kindergarten letter this summer saying he would attend Ms. Peacock's class. (For those of you who know him, you will know that nothing could make him happier.) and yes, many moons ago, Kiki's teacher was Ms. Fox. Like mother, like son.:)

3. Sanity, Patience, and did we say PATIENCE...yes, a triple dose of that was needed daily. BUT..he survived, passed the bar and is LOVING his job and everyone he works with..and there is NOTHING better than that.:)

4. LINCOLN. Who would've guessed that one?! But, yes it is true. He is becoming a master at his letter writing and coloring, and if it isn't perfect, a whole new blank piece of paper is needed! He is just the sweetest thing.

5. A CHOCOLATE PRINCESS CATAPILLER cake. She loved every lick of frosting on the cake, but wanted NOTHING to do with the chocolate underneath..definitely don't know where she gets that!:)

6. Best things of 2009:

*Graduating law school

*Moving to Las Vegas (though we miss Columbus everyday!)

*Selling our house!

*Passing the bar.

*Starting Kindergarten

*Getting to travel to see our family often. We are LOVING this.

*Maizie's first birthday, Lincoln's 3rd birthday, Booker's 5th birthday, Ben's almost 30 birthday (yay!), and Kiki's eternal 30th birthday. ha.

We are all doing so well, and after looking at all that happened in the last year, cannot wait to see what amazing and wonderful things happen in the next year. We hope your year has been good to you and your family as well, and wish nothing but the best to you in 2010. Of course, this season wouldn't be the season without our Savior, and hope that you can all find peace and comfort this next year through Him. We love you and miss you all.


Ben, Kiki, Booker, Lincoln and Maizie

And if you haven't been by before, look around our will certainly feel caught up after that! :)



Oh, How I Miss Kiki Comin! You have got to be the most Creative, Upbeat, Talented, Sweetest Well Put Together Person EVER! If I could be a sliver of you, I would Love Life! Your Family is to Die For! And For Sweet Sweet Maizie~ She is A Doll! I am so Glad your Family is Loving Las Vegas. I have to admit, I got a Tad Nervous when V-Day came and went and still No Comin Card...But It came Today and ALL is Good! I do have a Small Request though...I and Im sure Many Other's would agree, that you should post ALL of your cute Crafts and Idea's on your Blog so we can just Copy them! That would make Life, and Much Much Easier! BTW...Loved the Picture Card!

kristie said...

Going through your blog makes me smile. We miss you guys dearly and no one can replace our Home Teacher Ben :) I love to see pictures of your adorable kids, they are quite possible (besides my two) the cutest things in the world. And Kiki, let me just say, you are and forever will be my idol.

Leah Young said...

SO fun to hear about you guys! We loved the card. I'd have to be honest and say that seeing pictures of you guys at the park and pool makes us only a huge bit jealous. Take care!

Bryan and Ellie said...

Oh we were so excited to get your card. It's been great to see your adorable kids smiling at us from their place on our fridge. Kiki, I miss you all the time, too! Congratulations on your triathlon--wow!!!