Thursday, December 4, 2008

get your disco shoes on.

answer to question number one: NO, the baby is not here yet. soon enough, after all, my widget on my sidebar says 0 days to go..and "it's go time". apparently they know.

do you know what the number one song on your birthday is? here's mine:

andy gibb "shadow dancing"

what's yours?


Noelle said...

Mine was "like a virgin" by Madonna. I like the "it's go time" on your side bar. Good luck with everything this week!

Nate and Jessica said...

Wow. Just how old ARE you?

Anonymous said...

my song was "call me" by Blondie. hmmmmm never heard it but then again never heard yours either. oh btw i updated my blog.

emily and kevin griffin said...

mine was "time after time" by cindi lauper. yeehaw. at least i've heard of my song..:) Come today Maizie!