Monday, April 28, 2008

a visit from uncle drew.

we were so excited on saturday to have bj's brother, drew, come and spend the day with us. he drove down from cleveland in the morning, and we had a full day of fun!
the boys were so excited to see him. booker hasn't seen him since he was lincoln's age, and lincoln had never met him, so it was such a nice time to catch up with him! the boys loved "dwew"..and he spoiled them with presents galore! while picking pizza up for dinner, booker said to me, "mom, can i take him home?", "who?", i asked. "uncle drew... because i really love him!", then he proceeded to say the same thing about his dad. it was a great day of chuck e cheese, ice cream, movies, pizza, park and playing. thanks drew for coming! it better not be 2 more years before we see you again!:)
lincoln imitating drew crouched down..and booker imitating drew's dance moves!:) j/k drew!

"i love him, mom!"

what exactly is booker doing? any guesses?

lincoln being silly!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

booker's words.

the other day, booker asked if i would open up the typing game (Microsoft Word), so he could work on his writing. he sat down and started spelling out some words and this is what he wrote:
i guess they are all of his favorite things!:)...and even if i only made it in at #7, i find that incredible in and of itself for my little animal loving boy!

at the end of the day

at the end of the day.
when the air is not so hot.
the cars are not so loud.
the toys are all put away.
dirty boys are made clean.
and bedtime is looming...

i wish this moment would last forever.

that although fights over toys will be.

messes will be made.

teasing will be done.

joys will be shared.

best friends will be made.

i hope they will be best little buddies forever.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

how do you spell amazing?

how do you spell the word amazing? M_E_G_A_N!

this day to commemerate her #28 birthday, 28 things i love about her:
1. she is the most giving person i have ever met.
2. she is always willing to help out in any way. see #1
3.she is loved beyond degree by 2 boys in ohio under 4 years old.
4.she just graduated with a degree in special ed. education after attending 5 different schools..she will never live that down!
5. she is a killer volleyball player, thus why she played at UVSC, Eastern Oregon and BYU- Hawaii.
6. she is a competitor in anything she plays or does. see #5
7.she loves candy more than anyone i will EVER know.luckily, also see #1!
8.she is creative in very different ways than me...pottery, teaching, poetry..etc..
9. she is adventure driven and will try just about anything.
10.she loves music, mostly raggae and country.

11. she loves kids and they love her.

12. she would rather be camping than anywhere else.

13. ...except for country concerts.

14.she is patient almost to a fault! it's unbelievable!

15. her family is always #1 in her life.

16.she is a poet.

17. she makes me laugh really hard.

18.she's a loyal and dedicated running partner.

19. she's forgiving. (thank goodness, with me as an older sister!)

20. she's one of the hardest workers i know.

21. her smile is contagious.

22. she is a fancy dancer. :)

23. she loves to eat out and treats others often as well.

24. she's a great driver, but has been in more accidents than anyone i know!

25. she once went to a parking lot and parked in 97 different spots, all while a person watched her from another car. :)

26. she knows how to have a good fun time.

27. she can be talked into just about anything.(katydids, grass drills, etc.)

28.she loves the Lord and it shows in how she lives.

happy birthday, mugs! hope your day was sassy and sweet..we can't wait to celebrate you when you get home! love ya!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

bookers fascination.

bookers newest latest and greatest is the leap frog series word factory movies. he loves them more than i can even say. everything in the day revolves around letters or numbers right now to him..."mom, look the toast i just bit looks like an F now", "what number is that clock on now", "look we are at wuh, ahh, lll, muh, ahh, rrrr, t" has made us all look for letters and numbers in odd places, which has really been fun.
yesterday, during playgroup the kids were outside and booker yelled to me. i walked over to the door and saw this...

...except his hands were in the air, and he sang to me,"The Talking Words Fac-tor-yyyyy!" "isn't this perfect, mom!"On the movie, there is a factory that has words on the top of it that sing, "The Talking Words Fac-tor-yyyyy!", just as Booker had! I sure have a creative one on my hands...and each time the kids said they were going in the house to play, Booker would correct them by saying,"no, it's the talking words factory." he worked really hard to keep the sign up all day, but i am sure this fascination will go on for some time!:)

Monday, April 14, 2008

flyin' for fun.

at night the boys crave bj. the first thing that is asked every night when he walks in the door is "can we wrestle?" and every night they do. tonight we got their energy out in a new way. booker likes to call this game 'rocket'. bj was a trooper lifting and shooting our little running boys for 40 minutes while i snapped pictures of them in precarious positions. these are a few of my fav.
flying high.

what a poser! especially hard when you see just how high he was.

love this one out of focus and all.

enjoying himself thoroughly.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

chili/chocolate cookoff

last night, our ward held its annual chili/chocolate cookoff. i know it sound kind of odd couple when said together, however, chocolate goes with ANYTHING, so it ends up always being a really fun night. because i am a vegetarian, beej never likes me to make my vegetarian chili (it makes a ton, and who would ever choose non-meat chili over meat filled one!), so i opt out on chocolate. last year i made a version of this cake...all in chocolate:
and this year, went for a spring-ier theme, hoping the warmer weather will stick here!

the boys always love decorating their own cakes when i am done..and then they thoroughly enjoy their own masterpieces. they are so SWEET!haha!

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Monday, April 7, 2008

book of mormon lincoln style

lately, the song of choice at family home evening has been book of mormon stories. both booker and lincoln love all the actions, and we end up singing it over and over again. lincoln is so funny though. his actions are just a little different than we've ever seen before:

Book of Mormon stories that my teacher tells to me, (normal actions)

Are about the Lamanites in ancient history.(loves to put up multiple fingers, multiple hands. funniest was when he put one finger up on each hand and made himself look like a little devil.)

Long ago our fathers came from far across the sea. (instead of the normal one arm making the wave motion, lincoln uses both arms and does a swimming motion...could have been a very long swim!)

Given this land, if they lived, righteously. (as cute as can be.)..and we always end with booker saying, "hmmmmm" just after the words end, every time!:)

they are too cute to not get pictures of!
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Saturday, April 5, 2008

the bomb diggity of all teams

when i moved into the ward and found out that we had a basketball team, i was pretty excited. not everywhere do they have enough women that want to play basketball, so they just don't have it. not here. and not only do we have many who love to play, but we have many who CAN play! these girls are so fun. not only did we play on saturdays at church, but we play wednesdays on a rec league team too! it was always so nice to come and play on saturday. the games are so much more laid back and friendly. these girls are all so much fun to be around. last week we had our stake tournament and yes, our SWEET (think napoleon dynamite) team won it all. we were going to cut the nets down at the end and come up with a montage of our season and put it to "one shining moment", but the nets were brand new and didn't think it would be quite appropriate, so we settled with this nice sportsmanlike photo. thanks girls for the fun season!
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Friday, April 4, 2008


i'm so excited for the endless possibilities that this holds. mistakes will be made, lots of learning new tricks and tools and materials, even more sketching, but am excited for some good times to make just what i want when i need it to make the "perfect" gift.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

what $1.88 will get you...

this month in my family is event galore. 4 birthdays, 1 anniversary and the day beej and i were engaged. today while browsing through wal-mart, i saw some cute hankerchiefs for 94 cents each. i got a quick idea for my 2 little nieces who both have their birthday this month and in a little under an hour, made these two quick bags for them. i even still have some leftover hankie left! not bad for $1.88 and an hour!:)
i love this pattern!

my sweet model.
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