Sunday, August 31, 2008

parade fun

Yesterday we had a chance to do something we haven't ever done as a family before.....BE IN A PARADE!:) the boys were so excited all morning long, so it made the short trip out to west jefferson VERY long for them, but what a great adventure it was! the town was having a parade to celebrate their "ox roast" they have every labor day. steve stivers, whom is running for a spot in the u.s. congress, needed some supporters to come and throw candy out for him in the parade, and since beej has a friend who works for him, we were invited! we got to the parade at 11 am, in time to get shirts on, get the boys ready and head out for the 12 pm parade. booker walked the entire way (over 2 miles) throwing out at least 7 big buckets of candy and lincoln was so cute EATING at least 7 buckets of candy while sitting in the wagon and waving to all the elderly ladies with his little american flag. anyways, it was a fun activity and i cannot tell you how EASY it was to put the boys down for a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon!:) here are some pictures from our adventure:

lincoln before the parade in his "mardi gras" necklaces...

getting ready to take off...

a little while into the walk we had to stop for an ambulance to pass, so we took some pics..

little patriotic booker..isn't that so cute!(beej was so proud to have his little boys introduced to a political activity so soon in life!)

lincoln's be cute smiling and waving his flag! he succeeded!

stivers had been in the military for over 26 years, thus some of the little kids wore these camo cute.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

our latest adventure.

last weekend, we finally traveled out of the city limits of columbus into beautiful pittsburgh. i have never seen such an impressive downtown introduction. one minute you are in green rolling hills filled with trees and the next, you go through an enormous tunnel, and when you drive out of it, the river and city skyline are right in front of you! bj's sister and family moved to pittsburgh just about 2 months ago, so this was our first little adventure to go and see them...AND WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! the boys loved playing with their cousins, going to the park, to a splash park, and of course, bringing grandma home. we also got to see the button's newest addition, 2 week old beckham hastings. he is so sweet, so long, and was so quiet ALL day long!:) he made me VERY excited to see the little girl that will be joining us in the next 3 1/2 months.

the kids being kids.
we are loving having beej home!
5 of the 7 grandkids.
sweet little beckham.
thanks, buttons, for a great day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

thank you.

thank you for justisfying 1 am bedtimes.
every night.

thank you for cheap dates with my husband.
even if i did sleep through the middle part of them.
i always woke up to see you!

thank you for showing us what the great wall of china would look like if it were a person.

i was feeling a little left out of the sites.

thank you for showing me sweet victory, gracious defeat, impossibilities, teamwork, and just a lot of really great talent.

you have made these last 2 weeks very tiring, but completely exciting!

see you in four years, london.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

for a little fun

to see yourself through the years, go here and play. what amazed me about this photo, is i think it was spot on for 1994, minus the long fingernails. haha, disgusting, huh!:)

Monday, August 18, 2008

camping paradise.

last week, we had a few days to ourselves so we took up camping at one of the state parks here in ohio. it was camping paradise. i must say, one of my favorite camping experiences ever, probably because it included a bathroom, a full kitchen, a bed, and cable tv right in our own little cottage. the boys were in heaven and slept so great everyday...we will definitely be doing this again!

everyday included the following:

boating..the boys loved this!

swimming at the lake (or if you were lincoln, DRINKING at the lake!gross!)

roasting marshmallows

eating many s'mores

and snuggling in their first bunk bed! the boys were in heaven!

thanks grandma and papa! what fun memories to start off our last year of school!:)

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

words can't express.


trying to figure out how i was going to do things all by myself this summer stressed me out. the first 10 days were a weird mix of anxiety and torture, and then i started getting sicker and bigger from pregnancy and thought of 11 more weeks by myself, and thats when i begged. and of course she came. her heart is one of the biggest i know. she has dropped everything at certain times to help out her family, and that's just what she did for me too. not only has she been an amazing help with the boys, she has also become quite the painting queen. i won't ever be able to thank her enough, and she doesn't realize how much she has done, so sometime in her life...after marraige and the kids start coming, then i hope i can pay her back somehow where she will KNOW just how much i love her for her selfless, helpful little self. thank you, megan. i feel so lucky to have you as a sister.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

what not to do

what not to do with a glue container....
rule #2: always refer to rule number one.

i am way too embarrassed to show the whole picture, lets just say it took baby wipes times 20, a shower and a load of laundry to clean up. how old am i?:)
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Friday, August 1, 2008

a fun night.

for my birthday, megan, my sister, surprised me with tickets to go and see dierks bentley in concert. last night was the big night..we had so much fun (as long as i forget the very big drunk girl in a very small dress shaking her buns all over the place right next to me!);) miranda lambert started the concert off and was pretty entertaining and dierks was just crazy good and very energetic..and even added a little interpretive dancing to the mix..very fun! i am always amazed how great country artists sound live. was such a fun night..thanks Jess for baby watching and meg for the tickets!:)
a little miranda lambert to start it off

enjoying ourselves thoroughly.:)

the main event.

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