Wednesday, September 24, 2008

some funny politics

do you remember high school?

So I saw this on a few of my friends blogs, and again, struggling to find posts because my camera is being crazy, so thought I would try this one....hmmmm..this is a VERY long time ago.

Did you date someone from your school? I don't know if you would technically call it dating. No one really "dated" in the town, or at least what my idea of dating is. The closest I got to dating would have been my freshman year (yes, i know i wasn't quite 16..or anywhere close to consoled that dating never happened again until after i had graduated..poor girl.):)

What kind of car did you drive? a very, very "sweet" 1984 Honda Prelude (well, maybe it was for my brother who graduated in 1990). It was gray, well, the part that hadn't been chipped off. The heater barely worked and when you had winters with -20 degree weather combined with 6 am seminary, a heater was a pretty important feature. We would have to be out and starting "Bertha" at 5:30 in order for it to be above the 32 degree mark before driving her. There was no a/c...made for some hot summers and the best was when she was going through her screaching phase, where for the first 5 minutes of driving her, she screamed and made a weird clicking sound. Maybe my parents should have had her checked out. haha.

Were you a party animal? absolutely not. and we had plenty of examples of them in high school. i was definitely a snob in this way..wouldn't even go, just decided i probably wouldn't like my friends as much if i saw them plastered.

Were you considered a flirt? I did my fair share of it..much better, or i should say, much more of it in college than high school.

Were you in a band, orchestra, or choir? nope.

Were you a nerd? did i expect myself to get good grades, yes, so in that sense a nerd, but so did most of my friends, so it made it a cool kind of nerdy!haha. is there such a thing? my friends and i were all in the top 6 of the class.

Were you on any varsity teams? played on my fair share of varsity teams...volleyball, basketball, golf, track, and.....drill team (dance team). i think it was my way of being feminine. :)

Did you ever get suspended or expelled?no, no good stories there either.

Who were your favorite teachers? I loved my art teacher, Miss Paull..history teacher, Mr. Knight...english teacher, Ms. Moran..and my quilting teacher, Mrs. Grise. High school doesn't hold my favorite memories in my life, but I had a good time in school due to my rigorous schedule :0) and tough academic prowess.

Could you still sing the fight song? every word. sadly. i could even sing you my jr. high fight song. what does that say about me?

Where did you sit during lunch? i went home every day, so at a bar stool at my kitchen counter. it took 30 seconds in "bertha" to get from home to school..and yes, i drove, and yes, i was always walking into class 10 sec. before the tardy bell rang.

Did you go to Homecoming? yes, but our homecoming dance was never a formal dance or one where you got asked to it. we only had one formal dance per year, prom. and i so felt the way my friend annie did. read her answer here.

What was your schools full name? It was pretty original..Battle Mountain High School.

What do you remember most about graduation? This is sort of a funny memory, but I remember walking in to the gym and seeing my grandma on her wheelchair video taping me (yes, so if you ever want to watch my ENTIRE graduation, we could have a party!), but what was really funny about this is that she pulled the wheelchair out when she got to the school, walked it down the stairs and then sat in it for the remaider of the night. aren't wheelchairs used when you cannot walk, and not just actually for a chair! I also remember going out to dinner with one of my best friends, Richard..and shooting basketballs all night, until 6 am at our Senior Sober Party. (you got points for playing different games, and then bid on prizes with the points...i figured out i really stunk at the card games and would've fallen asleep if i sat down, so basketball was the natural choice.) my under-senior age friend, cody and i racked up so many points that night i had first choice for whatever i wanted.

Where did you go for senior skip day? yes, my friends and i were tricky. our history and english teachers decided to give away ALL of the answers to their year end finals that day, and 2 of my friends had history 1st hour, and i had english 1st hour, so we went to class for 1 period, got all the answers, then left and went to Elko, NV (big town for us!) to watch movies, go out to eat, go shopping...all that fun stuff you can do in Elko.

What was the best part of high school? by far, playing sports and seeing how hard we could push ourselves...but i also really loved Homecoming week and building floats, parades, football games, bonfires and the school snake we would make (the entire high school..all 400 students) would hold hands and make a snake and run all around town...through the casinos...right down the middle of main street...yep, i lived in a small, hick town!:) but we had a lot of school pride, and that was really fun. don't you wish you lived in Battle Mountain now!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

our fun day.

Although today was a bit windy, we decided to venture downtown to Gooddale Park and partake of the visual feast of some artists who were participating in a sidewalk arts competition. Booker was enthralled with all of the colors, with sticks galore (it really was a windy storm), and generally being able to run around and not get in trouble for it!

we thought this one was pretty fun.
this tree fell down from this storm..(see i told you it was windy!)
and of course it was another moment to capture some sweet shots of my sweet boys. thanks, kara!

Monday, September 8, 2008

dear puke.

dear puke,
how i hate you when you come at 1 am,
to an innocent little boy,
who in turn wakes up his pregnant mommy,
and tired daddy,
and returns much too often in the next 4 hours.

you make nights long, and days longer.
you make happy boys, ornery,
energetic boys, lethargic,
and parents, unproductive and worry some.

we have seen enough of you this year in this one week.
we do not love you. please leave, and never return.

the worry some, unproductive, pregnant and sleepy mom!