Friday, January 30, 2009

thanks grandma great!

A few days after Booker's birthday, he got a surprise letter in the mail saying...
Dear Booker,
Happy Birthday! I wanted to send you a cake in the mail, but it would have made a mess so instead I sent some money so you can take Lincoln to go get ice cream. Don't give any ice cream to the baby. She will get too cold. I love you! Grandma Great.
So off to the store went Booker and daddy to find the perfect ice cream...with all the choices it took a little while to find the right one. And then he saw it, Banana Split ice cream. yum. yum. He could have had 2 kinds, but chose to save the rest of the money for another day. What a smart boy.
Thank you, Grandma Great for the sweet treat and for breaking up our winter blues with a sweet card! We love you back!:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


When I was 6 weeks out after having Booker, I started running and by week 7 was sick of it and bought into the myth that nursing would help me lose all of my weight that I had gained. WRONG! So since then, I have learned that it is just plain hard workouts and eating right that gets those ugly pounds off your body after pregnancy.
2 weeks ago I started basketball, both church and rec league and it has been so fun. I've had a few good runs in the last few weeks, but it is still really hard to wake up early after being awake late and waking up to feed the baby, so while at the store last week, I saw this little workout video and thought I'd give it a shot. I had heard some great things about it from some friends, so I thought it wouldn't hurt as an extra workout.

Today was day 1. SORE. That's all I can say. OUCH. I STILL HAVE HAMSTRINGS SOMEWHERE. and we are only 12 hours out. (meaning, yikes..wait till tommorrow morning!!!)Do you want to hear something even sadder? Booker did the ENTIRE workout with me..the ENTIRE THING...
breathing hard
being sore
He is still running up and down the stairs, jumping up and down all day and all with no nap. The kid is a machine. I hope I can be too soon! AHHHHH, to be 5 again!:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

birthdays galore.

The middle of January is birthday heaven around our house. Booker was born on the 17th, Grandpa Tod on the 19th, and Ben on the 21st.
Booker was so excited to turn 5 this year for a few reasons....
1- He got to take treats to school (so excited for that). He picked out his treat and we made it together and had so much fun doing it.
2. He got a cake in addition to his treats...although this year I wasn't the greatest mom in the fancy dancy cake..just a plain chocolate one with sprinkles at 9 pm at night. nice.
3. He is getting closer to going to a new school (kindergarten)..he loves going to school here, but gets super excited about actually going to a real school with a big class.
4. He loves to let Lincoln know that he is a big man now that he is 5. I love his conversations that follow his statement of being a "big man".
5. ummm...can we say he was excited for his presents?! He got all of them on different days so we stretched that one out a bit! He is loving his Eye-clops, his star station, his walkie-talkies, and his musical instruments. Lincoln was overly excited about his drum he got and can't wait to take it to music class.
Booker's class treats.

Look at me, I am 5 and I have a lame-o cake.

Look at me, I am 29 and have a lame-o doughnut cake. (only because he really doesn't like cake!)

and look at me, i have a tear! but how cute am i?!

Seriously, though, I am so grateful for January and the amazing men that were born within this month that have affected my life, all 3 which have made me a better person, wife, friend, and mother. I could never imagine my life without any of them.
happy birthday, boys!
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hey lincoln...

Me: Hey Lincoln, what do you have there?
Lincoln: A cannon.

Me: Does it work?
Lincoln: Yes, watch I will shoot you....

and then he screamed when I took it away so his "cannon" wouldn't be broken...ahh, the joys of nursing.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

she's growing

i can't believe she's already been with us for 5 weeks. she has been so fun to have in our home. its so fun to see how a girl has changed her dad. she is, after all, daddy's girl. and he doesn't mind one bit!:) here's a few shots to prove she really is growing!

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what do you do when...

What do you do when you have 3 kids and on one afternoon they give you this present all at the same time???

Should I do the dishes that didn't get done after dinner last night? Should I do one of the 17 loads of laundry that are calling my name downstairs? Should I start packing up part of the kitchen to get the house ready to sell....OR should I follow the three of them and snooze too. Yep, I chose the latter and it felt so good.:)
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

go buckeyes.

There is one thing we will miss next year when we are in Vegas...and that will be Buckeye football. Now we know we can watch the games on TV, but there is something special about being here in Columbus in the middle of it all. Monday was our last day to dress in scarlet and gray and root on our Buckeyes for this season, and in our family there is no one who loves this more than our sweet little Lincoln. He has taken to Buckeye craziness like no one else has in our family. ANY TIME he sees the Block O, he enthusiastically says, "Go Buckeyes". He was given some money from his grandma and papa for Christmas, so when I took them to the store the other night to let them pick out their toys, Booker was so excited to get a new big toy with really loud lions, while Lincoln opted for a small airplane and what else? A new Buckeye hat. He was more than excited to get to wear it on Monday for the game. And what a game it was. Although disappointing, all we can say is we love our Buckeyes and are excited to cheer them on next year, even if we only get to do it from far away. And what of little Lincoln? When I asked him if he wanted to play football when he grew up he simply said, "Yep. Buckeye football...Go Buckeyes."
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