Monday, January 26, 2009

birthdays galore.

The middle of January is birthday heaven around our house. Booker was born on the 17th, Grandpa Tod on the 19th, and Ben on the 21st.
Booker was so excited to turn 5 this year for a few reasons....
1- He got to take treats to school (so excited for that). He picked out his treat and we made it together and had so much fun doing it.
2. He got a cake in addition to his treats...although this year I wasn't the greatest mom in the fancy dancy cake..just a plain chocolate one with sprinkles at 9 pm at night. nice.
3. He is getting closer to going to a new school (kindergarten)..he loves going to school here, but gets super excited about actually going to a real school with a big class.
4. He loves to let Lincoln know that he is a big man now that he is 5. I love his conversations that follow his statement of being a "big man".
5. ummm...can we say he was excited for his presents?! He got all of them on different days so we stretched that one out a bit! He is loving his Eye-clops, his star station, his walkie-talkies, and his musical instruments. Lincoln was overly excited about his drum he got and can't wait to take it to music class.
Booker's class treats.

Look at me, I am 5 and I have a lame-o cake.

Look at me, I am 29 and have a lame-o doughnut cake. (only because he really doesn't like cake!)

and look at me, i have a tear! but how cute am i?!

Seriously, though, I am so grateful for January and the amazing men that were born within this month that have affected my life, all 3 which have made me a better person, wife, friend, and mother. I could never imagine my life without any of them.
happy birthday, boys!
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Nate and Jessica said...

Are you saying that every cake I have ever made and ever will make is lamo? JK, it's just nice to know you are human and SOMETIMES do things as boring as the rest of us. Your boys are so lucky to have you.