Thursday, January 8, 2009

go buckeyes.

There is one thing we will miss next year when we are in Vegas...and that will be Buckeye football. Now we know we can watch the games on TV, but there is something special about being here in Columbus in the middle of it all. Monday was our last day to dress in scarlet and gray and root on our Buckeyes for this season, and in our family there is no one who loves this more than our sweet little Lincoln. He has taken to Buckeye craziness like no one else has in our family. ANY TIME he sees the Block O, he enthusiastically says, "Go Buckeyes". He was given some money from his grandma and papa for Christmas, so when I took them to the store the other night to let them pick out their toys, Booker was so excited to get a new big toy with really loud lions, while Lincoln opted for a small airplane and what else? A new Buckeye hat. He was more than excited to get to wear it on Monday for the game. And what a game it was. Although disappointing, all we can say is we love our Buckeyes and are excited to cheer them on next year, even if we only get to do it from far away. And what of little Lincoln? When I asked him if he wanted to play football when he grew up he simply said, "Yep. Buckeye football...Go Buckeyes."
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Nate and Jessica said...

The thing is, he probably will grow up and play football. If you let him. And he'll be dang good. Can't wait to hang out soon!

emily and kevin griffin said...

such a cutie! he's definitely taking after his grandpa john with the buckeye enthusiasm.

Allyson said...

GO BUCKS!! I'm obsessed with the pictures of and Kara are way too creative together! I mean seriously...angel wings? How adorable. P.S. When I was in Utah I saw this card book that was really lame compared to your cards. I think you need to write a book and get it published...if that one was published and was a "best seller" you'd blow it out of the water.:) Not that you don't have a lot more worthwhile things to do...but just a thought:)