Tuesday, January 27, 2009


When I was 6 weeks out after having Booker, I started running and by week 7 was sick of it and bought into the myth that nursing would help me lose all of my weight that I had gained. WRONG! So since then, I have learned that it is just plain hard workouts and eating right that gets those ugly pounds off your body after pregnancy.
2 weeks ago I started basketball, both church and rec league and it has been so fun. I've had a few good runs in the last few weeks, but it is still really hard to wake up early after being awake late and waking up to feed the baby, so while at the store last week, I saw this little workout video and thought I'd give it a shot. I had heard some great things about it from some friends, so I thought it wouldn't hurt as an extra workout.

Today was day 1. SORE. That's all I can say. OUCH. I STILL HAVE HAMSTRINGS SOMEWHERE. and we are only 12 hours out. (meaning, yikes..wait till tommorrow morning!!!)Do you want to hear something even sadder? Booker did the ENTIRE workout with me..the ENTIRE THING...
breathing hard
being sore
He is still running up and down the stairs, jumping up and down all day and all with no nap. The kid is a machine. I hope I can be too soon! AHHHHH, to be 5 again!:)


Gazdik Family said...

I am going to wait for 2 weeks and ask you what you think of the video..... I am looking for a fun one. (usually not a big fan of a video workout..) Good luck!! Can I poke you on your aching thigh on Sunday just to see what your reaction will be like...?

Anonymous said...

I wonder who booker gets its from??????? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

yeah for you. don't you love working out???

I could always send you the hula abs and body work out... you would love it!!!!!