Friday, January 30, 2009

thanks grandma great!

A few days after Booker's birthday, he got a surprise letter in the mail saying...
Dear Booker,
Happy Birthday! I wanted to send you a cake in the mail, but it would have made a mess so instead I sent some money so you can take Lincoln to go get ice cream. Don't give any ice cream to the baby. She will get too cold. I love you! Grandma Great.
So off to the store went Booker and daddy to find the perfect ice cream...with all the choices it took a little while to find the right one. And then he saw it, Banana Split ice cream. yum. yum. He could have had 2 kinds, but chose to save the rest of the money for another day. What a smart boy.
Thank you, Grandma Great for the sweet treat and for breaking up our winter blues with a sweet card! We love you back!:)


emily and kevin griffin said...

cute posts. your kids are so cute. Lincoln's going to be so proud to have his "cannon" documented when he's about 16...haha.

Todd and Ashley said...

Kiki, Macy's baby blessing was very sweet today. She is a doll, and is getting bigger each time I see her.