Saturday, February 7, 2009

when bob the builder comes alive

Because we have been living in snow land the last few weeks, we've seen a lot of this little bobcat around our house. He has made our roads a little better to drive on, and only came to the rescue about 48 hours too late, however, when he did come, he made quite a ruckus in our home.

Little Bobcat came to clear all of the snow out of everyones driveway during nap time one day. Inside, Lincoln was almost asleep and then heard him shoveling the snow..he looked out his window and then just freaked out. He was screaming and crying, stomping his feet on the ground and calling out for me. I ran in when I heard him thinking he had had a bad dream or had hurt himself in some way. "Lincoln," I said,"what's wrong?Are you okay?"

His answer still makes me giggle to myself.

"Mom, Bob the Builder is tearing down everyones house and he is going to get mine"

After calming him down and just telling him that he was clearing the snow out, Lincoln finally fell asleep, and I remembered he had just watched a Bob the Builder all about demolition that morning. He hasn't asked to watch it since.

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Monica said...

Soo funny! This age really cracks me up.