Wednesday, March 11, 2009

6th file, 6th picture

here it is. i was tagged by cute kristin to look at the 6th folder in my pictures, the 6th picture and then blog about it and tag 6 people. so here's the story of my blurry picture.

this is booker when he was 1. obviously on the 4th of july. i am not much of a seamstress..well, a trained one, anyway. the night before (i have some weird crazy love for the fourth of july), i decided to make a little outfit for him, so each of those little red and white stripes were sewn, then cut into approximate shorts (they fit good enough!) and then i made a cape to go with it. it is NO WONDER why he dresses as cute as he does today. (see post below). and he ran and ran and loved to watch the cape fly behind about a tan little boy, huh!:) ahhh..such sweet memories. if you read this, then consider yourself tagged.


Nate and Jessica said...

I want to see more of him when he was little. That's so adorable. I can soooo see you sewing a little outfit for him last minute.

emily and kevin griffin said...

i was there! he is such a cutie!

cheeks said...

just catching up...

Maizies eyes are gorgeous...stunning! She's a heartbreaker already!

Love the pancake flipping the bird...Brett would really appreciate that!

Love the highlights of lincoln! He's so cute! Kids say and do the funniest day i'll be journaling what little Emri comes up with---crazy! IT's so cute that he has all the chipmucnks in your family figured out!

AND...i'm a little nervous about my degree now after reading the thoughts of an experienced mother and all the courses i should have taken!!! I don't know that dental hygiene will go too far in all those "other" categories! Yikes! ha ha ha

cheeks said...

just noticed how i spelled "chipmucnks"...awesome! My brain cells are dwindling by the minute!