Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So in addition to wearing either: an olive green suit coat OR a long red pirate coat


a fancy tie( ie. navy clip on tie with light blue stripes)

EVERYDAY! and i really do mean that...

he also:

has been very into "cooking" us things all day and night with his toys. Yep, you read that right, he "cooks" us up all kinds of delicacies with anything from Lego's to tambourines to stuffed letters..however, when they come up on the plate they are such things as spaghetti with chopped tomatoes, chocolate cake, etc. But his favorite thing to cook? He came up the other night yelling "Beej, i've just cooked you the best thing ever...you will just love it. I cooked you.....CHICKEN BUTTS!" Believe me, I had to taste that one too and it WAS delicious!
But, this afternoon, I was upstairs and he was all the way downstairs..and I heard him yelling at someone. I even went in to make sure Lincoln was still sleeping. And he was. "You are not doing it right!", he was saying, "I will never let you cook again." As you can imagine, I was pretty confused..so when he came upstairs I asked who he was talking to. "THE COOKS!", he replied. "They were not cooking my food right, so I got really mad at them." I LOVE BOOKER TO PIECES...because he plays with imaginary people. all. of. the. time. I can't wait to see who comes to my house next!:)
So look out next time you are invited to dinner at our house...cuz we will be servin' up some chicken butts here!


Kara said...

Um, did you change your header again? Well, I love it!

Megan Melver said...

ummmm i wonder if chicken butts in columbus taste better than chicken butts in korea?? I'm thinking bookers are going to taste much butter:)

emily and kevin griffin said...

i think they will taste better than megan's because hopefully these chicken butts will still be imaginary!