Tuesday, March 3, 2009

lincoln blinkon

2 has been a semi-hard (okay, who am i kidding, COMPLETELY HARD) year for me mothering Lincoln. He is becoming so independent, so rambunctious, so opinionated, but has kept his lovable, laughable self as well. Here are a few things I don't ever want to forget about him this year:

*his words: Bookah, "ahhh, maiiiiizie gwace", "mooooooom, i'm doooooone", "but mom, i'm just a kid", yougwewt (yougurt), "i don't want to do ________ EVUH(ever)!", "i wuv you, momma.", "hey dave!"

*his favorite foods- yogurt (of any kind), nuts, pepperoni pizza (will ONLY eat pepperoni pizza), cheese, circle bread (bagels), chicken naggnets (nuggets) and of course ANY treat i may happen to come upon.

*his favorite activities- singing, wrestling with dad, chasing and being chased by booker, playing his alphabet computer game, coloring in nursery, going on walks, riding his "scootah", dressing up.

*accomplishments this year- potty trained in 2 weeks, with only a few accidents :)...such a different experience than booker!:), excellent big brother, coloring a picture with more than one color, learned to use a mouse so he could play computer games like his big brother, memorized SO many songs!

*favorite songs: "The Show" by lenka, "I Want To Be A Missionary Now", "How Firm A Foundation", "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter (but he loves the version by the chipmunks), "Christmas Don't Be Late" by the chipmunks.

*His phases: Chipmunk galore!, Huzz (Buzz) Lightyear, Pirates, Pirates, Pirates!, coloring on himself with markers...even a sharpie!

i will love this sweet hearted child to pieces everyday of my life and beyond, but am so happy that he turns 3 in 2 months! he really does have such a gentle and kind hearted spirit mixed with a determination and stubbornness of steel! i love you, lincoln!:)


Nate and Jessica said...

I think I have a major soft spot for this little guy. Maybe it's because I watched him go from infant to 3. Love him too!

Megan Melver said...

OOHHHH I can't wait til you guys live closer and I get to hang out with my little friends again.... and YOU tooo!!!! Lincoln is great..... i luf him tooooo!!!

Megan Melver said...

i meant to say... i luf him threeeee!!!! hehehehehehe