Thursday, March 5, 2009

a more useful degree.

So many of my friends did things right in school, in other words, they got useful degrees. I have friends who are RN's, teachers, nurse practitioners, health majors..etc. I feel like I did things wrong. Having gone to school and getting a degree in art was great. It was enjoyable, challenging, and right up my alley. However, I got done with my degree and have stayed home with my children and felt totally unprepared for what was ahead.(this is an understatement!) You don't really realize just how much stay at home moms do until you are one. I realized quickly that my major in art was awesome, however the result of me picking up and pursuing it each day resulted in a LARGE mess, which is the one thing you are trying to clean up all day!:) At BYU there was a large group of girls who got a major in MFHD (marriage, family, human development) I think it is called Family Life now and many who joked saying this was the MRS. degree at BYU. And for those of you who got this degree, I was not one of those saying this! I feel they learned a lot more USEFUL things in this degree than what I did in mine. So in thinking about what the perfect degree would have been in my situation, I came up with a few classes that sounded perfect.
and for names sake, we will just call it what it is...the USEFUL degree:
*Business Management-because as a mom, you are a CEO
*Child Psychology- why do they think and do what they are thinking and doing when they do it!
*Communications-enough said.
*Early Childhood Education
*Interior Design
*Negotiation-this is a skill that i am NO good at, that i wish i was a master at!
*Nursing-to know medically what to do when something comes up
*Pain Management- the psychology behind pain in both adults and children!
*Stress Management
*Time Management
Now hopefully no one takes this as a cry for help or thinks I don't enjoy being a stay at home mom, for there could be nothing further from the truth. I enjoy staying home so much. I have learned SO much through trial and error and trying again! I do like to think of some classes that could have helped out to make the trial and error a little easier! Can you think of any other classes you wish you would have taken?


Noelle said...

I'm in your exact same boat as far as "useful degree" goes: Humanities. But I did minor in MFHD (and no, it's not the same as Family Life....MFHD focuses more on the science of develeopment and things like that where FamLf is the sewing/cooking/budgeting degree which I think my younger sis is gonna graduate in...) which I found useful but not to the point that I would recommend it to all my friends. Though I studied much of development in books, I really think so much comes from on the job training and you learn so much by doing.

emily and kevin griffin said...

no pressure now that i'm graduating in a month from HFL! i took most of those kinds of classes and i'm still scared about the whole staying home with a kid all day concept, and not being in school anymore. i did enjoy my degree a lot more than the english one i was trying to get earlier...:). i bet you'd be surprised at how good you are at these things...much better than i am!

Nate and Jessica said...

Okay. Stop right there. I have witnessed many moments where your degree has contributed to finger painting, creative Easter baskets, lots of markers out on the table, chalk all over the sidewalk, a rockin' decorated tricycle, and I could go on and on. You're silly. :) And all those nude pictures you did...well the benefits of that are immeasurable!