Sunday, March 1, 2009

my new name.

the last few weeks lincoln has been in another world....this world:

so here how it goes...simon (lincoln) wakes up and calls out for alvin (booker). they run into our room yelling, "dave (ben), simon has to go to the bathroom." and when that is all done, he runs back into our room and says, "hi claire (me), good morning." and the cutest thing ever is that when he says sounds like queer. so cute. maybe as cute as him calling maizie theodore.

fyi: dave is the adopted dad of the chipmunks and claire is his HOT girlfriend. perfect fit!:)


Sarah Walton said...

your boys really do have great imaginations . . . . love it, "queer!"

Sarah and Mike said...

Wait a minute-I thought theodore-was the chubby one that wore green?

kiki comin said...

sarah, you are so right...i guess that he will come in being the tall handsome chipmunk, and maizie will be the squatty chubby one!:)