Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the lineup

saturday we had a quick little egg hunt for the kids, so the friends came over despite the chilly windy weather.
and in less than one hour, had the egg hunt, ate cake and yummy treats and called it a day.(it really was that cold!)

it took a little convincing to get Lincoln really moving.
it didn't take booker ANY convincing to get him into it.(i think he said he ended up with something like 28 eggs. yikes.)

and maizie...
she enjoyed the egg hunt and weather from inside.
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emily and kevin griffin said...

get 'em booker! they're so cute! i'd like to be Maizie and just sleep in a comfy warm chair. that's my idea of a fun egg hunt!

Mommy and Me said...

That still looks like a really fun day. We lucked out and had perfect weather here, which was surprising because it had been cold all week. Oh and Mazie is seriously, I mean seriously adorable!