Thursday, May 28, 2009

lincoln times 3.

My boy turned three on May 21st. I cannot believe it's been 3 years..when we had him we looked at him and thought, 'when law school is over he will be 3, won't that be crazy?!' and yet here we are and he is big and grown and so full of it! Anyone who knows Lincoln knows he is a boy with the sweetest heart, the shriekiest (i know this is not a word!) scream, the biggest smile, the warmest hug..and did i mention the sweetest heart. Really. He is one who is always so in tune when someone needs a little "i love you" pick me up. There is nothing sweeter than him holding your hand, looking up to you and saying, "i love you, mom" and then puckering up for a nice long kiss! ahhh, i can see his face right now!
Lincoln's loves at three include:
*His big brother, Booker (or Bookah as Lincoln calls him)
*calling his sister "Maaaaiiziiie Gwwwwace" with a rolling shrieking voice
*riding his skooter
*waking up as a new character everyday (Simon, Bolt, Tigeress are his favs)
*eating yogurt (or yogwet as he calls it)
*saying "no" a time or two during the day (big sarcasm as it is a little too often)
*giving hugs
*wearing Buckeye apparel
*playing with his friends, he especially loved playgroup
*helping mom in the kitchen
a cute lincoln moment caught by his dad:

his colorado birthday song...still waiting for his vegas birthday party!

i love you, lincoln, more than anything in this world. you make me smile everyday, and especially on days where it's hard to find one. i love you, love you, love you, my lincoln bug. below.

warning: there is an inappropriate picture at the end of this post. consider yourself warned.

Aunt Megan loves to send the kids presents. Lots of presents. In a recent package, she sent clothes, candy and really fun dinosaur the kind with a million pieces that I put together for the boys because when they tried it didn't look like a dinosaur (which I was fine with but they were not) here they are with their finished dinosaurs:

...and then it happened. I had placed the dinosaurs on the counter so Beej could see them when he got home from school that day and Booker had taken his down to look at it for a minute. I was changing Maizie's diaper and asked him to put it back on the counter for me, so he quickly did. When I got up from changing her diaper, this is what greeted me:

no joke. My husband says I am perverted for taking a picture of this, but I just found it really funny, and of course had to have it documented!:)
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Beej's last day of classes, not only was he excited to be done, but so were we! We were so proud of him for all of his hard work over the last 3 years and couldn't wait to we didn't wait. We decorated, cooked and put tattoos on all of us to celebrate no more classes and had so much fun. Lincoln was especially excited to have his Buckeye tattoos and left them on all night (and had lovely red splotches to show off the next morning). What a fun way to end classes.

way to go, dad!
you are the best, really!
i love you more than anything.
yay, no more classes!:)
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

we're here and alive.

Whew! It's been quite the last 2 weeks..after passing through 9 states and 33 hours of being in the car, we are happy to be here in Las Vegas. The warm air greeted us, and we are excited to get use to everything here, to get all moved in, to find all the hidden treasures here in Vegas and to start feeling like we are "home". Booker and Lincoln have already made good friends with the neighbor boy and have already had some great playdates in our "backyard". Beej is loving the commute to work...3 minute walk and coming home for lunch. Maizie and I have enjoyed being buddies getting the house all unpacked. Starting here has really made us all pull together, but we couldn't have made it here without so much
*thanks mom and dad for braving those long days in the car with 3 kids
*thanks tod and kim for braving those crazy mountain days and everything before and after and getting our stuff to our place safe and sound.
*josh and kris, for letting us crash your house for a whole week
*our incredible friends in columbus, especially for all of your help the last little bit we were there...we miss you too much.
*and beej..for bringing us to amazing ohio and for all your hard work to get us back to vegas. we love you. (more on graduation to come)

I will start catching up on the last two weeks soon, but for now, just a quick snippet of two of our ohio souvenirs: a degree and of course, little maizie.:)
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i can't believe...

I Can't Believe....

that he will be in kindergarten this fall..
that he will turn 3 in 16 days..
that she is almost 5 months old.
Time flies WAY too fast..and we are moving next Saturday???!!! ahhhh!
Slow Down Time!
(photos taken by Kara H Photography)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So the other day we finally went to have family pictures done. I know most families do this once a year, some once a season, etc. We are averaging once a baby. We got one with Booker, one with Booker and Lincoln, and are so on top of it already with Booker, Lincoln AND Maizie. Well, we were shooting a picture of all of us and Kara (photographer) asks, hey, can you get Maizie's head up? We looked down and she was OUT! Totally asleep! So we were walking to the next spot and saw this bench and look at this amazing picture she shot.......

which is now her blog header. i love it so much.