Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Beej's last day of classes, not only was he excited to be done, but so were we! We were so proud of him for all of his hard work over the last 3 years and couldn't wait to we didn't wait. We decorated, cooked and put tattoos on all of us to celebrate no more classes and had so much fun. Lincoln was especially excited to have his Buckeye tattoos and left them on all night (and had lovely red splotches to show off the next morning). What a fun way to end classes.

way to go, dad!
you are the best, really!
i love you more than anything.
yay, no more classes!:)
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cheeks said...

yay for being done! What a relief! I'm so glad you made it to vegas safely....sounds like quite the trip! Good luck with all your unpacking and situating! It will be so fun to keep up on your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Tattoos are the best!!! oh yeah, YAY for benjamin comin esquire:)

Nate and Jessica said...

Alright, I am always leaving these crazy, corny comments so hopefully no one else reads them. Ask me if I started to tear up when I saw your boys faces on this post in your old house? Well, I did. In my defense I was already crying a tad earlier because of humidity and Lysol toilet bowl cleaner in my eye and that Cars song by Brad Paisley is on and that song makes me cry too. Hormones anyone? So glad you are there safe and sound.

Sarah Walton said...

Hey Kiki! So glad to hear you guys made it. We miss your cute kids! and you guys too:) And Jess, sorry, I read your comment . . . are you pregnant? jk.