Thursday, May 28, 2009 below.

warning: there is an inappropriate picture at the end of this post. consider yourself warned.

Aunt Megan loves to send the kids presents. Lots of presents. In a recent package, she sent clothes, candy and really fun dinosaur the kind with a million pieces that I put together for the boys because when they tried it didn't look like a dinosaur (which I was fine with but they were not) here they are with their finished dinosaurs:

...and then it happened. I had placed the dinosaurs on the counter so Beej could see them when he got home from school that day and Booker had taken his down to look at it for a minute. I was changing Maizie's diaper and asked him to put it back on the counter for me, so he quickly did. When I got up from changing her diaper, this is what greeted me:

no joke. My husband says I am perverted for taking a picture of this, but I just found it really funny, and of course had to have it documented!:)
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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh --- That is hilarious! I'm glad you documented it! I needed something to laugh about tonight. I hope everything is going well in LV!

Annie said...

Bryan and I are trying to decide if that one beats the pancake bear one. It's a close call. Both are equally hilarious!

Megan Melver said...

That's awesome!!!!! still laughing:)

Nate and Jessica said...

You are a sicko through and through. I love sickos.

kristie said...

So I just needed a little Comin fix...and I sure got it. I about rolled off the bed laughing. You are SICK SICK SICK! j/k miss you guys!