Thursday, June 4, 2009

boys will be boys.

On our way to Las Vegas, we were lucky enough to stay in Denver for a week with my brother and his family and boy was it a week. We packed in activity after activity and i literally fell into bed each night and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. What kept us busy you ask?

*Swimming at their awesome rec center..the boys were in heaven
*Extra time with grandma and papa
*Playing with 2 whole new rooms of toys
*Watching movies galore in their fancy dancy home theater
*playing at the park
*playing with our cousins...everything turned into a game or contest
*Running around a serene, especially with no children
*Having a splitting headache from running around the lake from the crazy altitude and lack of hydration. Wow, that was a crazy one.
and this was all before the most exciting event of the week...
and no, it wasn't even Lincoln's birthday party where we played light stick sword fighting and light stick whistle band (almost as good as Guitar hero.)
and no, it wasn't even our exciting boys only trip to the park which included chasing soccer balls, chasing each other, fist fights, and sprinklers! (though that was crazy exciting as well)
Yep, you guessed it, the most exciting event of the week happened when Kristin (my sister in law) gave birth to sweet little BRIDGER POMEROY MELVER on Lincoln's birthday..oh my goodness, he is so cute with so much dark hair on his head and just the littlest thing you have ever seen!
Yep, that was definitely the most exciting event...Loved seeing all 5 boys together..we were only missing Channing, but we will have to do that one another time!
Thanks, Josh and Kris for such a great week..we miss you guys already!
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Anonymous said...

looks like a super fun filled week.:) hehehehehehehe

Nate and Jessica said...

I am so impressed with your blogging! Keep it up...