Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i'm tootin his horn

Today I'm celebrating him..

The amazing flying graduated lawyer.
This last few weeks has been full of emotion for me, crying and bawling for many different reasons, laughing so hard I was crying, screaming, mellow, happy, depressed...I have had it all. But I will never forget how I felt the day of his graduation. We started off the morning early to go to an honors convocation where he was honored for volunteering a lot of time to prospective students both here and at other campuses. There at the honors convocation, many students received all kinds of awards, but the one I kind of pondered over was an award who went to a student who balanced his life with his studies...and as the boy walked up to get it, I couldn't help but think who really should have received that award. I won't downplay what the student did to get this award, but when I thought about what Beej did every day, I stand amazed at his energy, his vision and his fortitude in sticking every day out. He started every morning before 6 a.m. so he could get to school bright and early to study and start out his day. He went to class and studied all day, while taking on some extra curricular leadership positions to heighten his law school experience. Those days would go quickly, usually, and then he was back home to be an incredible dad to three kids, a husband to a busy wife, grab a bite to eat, and then as soon as the kids were in bed, opened his books back up to study until his eyes would stay open no longer. That in addition to church duties and service and taking time to volunteer to serve in the community and that's what I call one balanced life. And he still wished for more time with his munchkins. I couldn't have been more proud of him.
There was this awesome moment that happened right before this moment of him going on stage to be hooded. Beej was waiting in line to go up the stairs, and instead of fixing his hat and straightening everything up, he simply looked back into the audience and found us and smiled. That will be the moment I will always remember because this is the balanced student that I am talking about..he could have taken this moment in all for himself, and that would have been fine by me because he deserved it, but it wasn't as great as sharing it with us and that is the kind of person he is and will always be. I cried faster and harder at that moment than any others..the rest of the time I just couldn't be more proud to be his wife. And more happy with my decision to be his wife even at this moment than ever because of his great dedication to our family and his example of hard work and sacrifice that he is to our children.

And although they may not remember this time in their life, I will never forget how you made us all a priority in yours when it would have been easy not to.

and that of ALL the awards and accolades that are given in this life to people who do great things, of which I'm sure you will get, thank you for balancing your life and realizing early on that THIS:
having a great and happy family and accomplishing great goals together is what makes this life the great thing that it is. We love you and couldn't be more proud.

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Anonymous said...

WOW,what a testimony of love.
so happy for your family.
glad i have this link to follow along and watch this family THRIVE!!

Noelle said...

This was such a sweet post Kiki, you almost made ME cry. I love seeing dedicated dad, you guys are definitely examples to us in more ways than one! Congratulations on being FINISHED!

Nate and Jessica said...

Michele is so cute. That looks like it was such a wonderful day. I remember you telling me many times how Ben wished he had more time to play with the kids...instead of just wanting to hurry and put them to bed or what not. Miss you guys.

Annie said...

Congrats to Ben! That is such an accomplishment.

Tod and Kim Comin said...

A wonderful post - and not bad pics! NONE of this would have been possible or worth the sacrifice if you didn't make such a great team - supporting each other every step of the way!! We're proud of all of you and happy to see you moving on to the next phase of your lives. Cherish every moment because, as you know, they go by way to fast!!

Taunya and Ian said...

Congratulations to you all! What a long road and wonderful accomplishment! Good Luck in Las Vegas and enjoy the warm I mean hot weather (at least it will be nice in the winter!)

Taunya and Ian said...

Oh! If you want our new blog site it is taunya-ian.blogspot.com I some how messed up the old one & didnt know how to get back into it to change it.