Friday, June 19, 2009

the las vegas pirate.

The boys found their costume box. All of a sudden, our house has become alive with pirates, the beds have again become ships, the carpet is now water, and all who enter may be the next enemy. And the boys couldn't be cuter. Booker is back to wearing his red coat, black pirate had and a new tie every day. Lincoln has made his own requests...this is what he prefers:

Pretty serious pirate, if you ask me.
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Anonymous said...

i am totally SCARED!

cheeks said...

such cute pirates you have!! i am so totally jealous of your 9AM water park outings! we just got back from utah and the only water i saw was RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN FOR 16 days STRAIGHT!! It was sunny the day we left! Can i come to vegas?!?!