Thursday, June 11, 2009

a place we love.

A girl we met at church led us to an awesome playground this with a huge playground and with a water park as well. The boys were in heaven...Maizie took her first nap on me in ages, and we got home in time to have lunch with Ben. How much more of a perfect life could we ask for?!

i wish you could see just how hard this water was coming out!

they were loving it!

how Maizie enjoyed the park:

and what time, you ask, did we enjoy this great park?? why 9 AM, of course.:)
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Anonymous said...

looks like fun... i'm surprised it wasn't more busy:)fun//fun... less than a month WAHOOOOOOOO

Nate and Jessica said...

Because you had been up since 6:30 right? Love their buzzed heads!

Anonymous said...

looks like ben found his true calling!!!
what a great start for the day.
is that a bruise that i see on lincon's forehead? looks familiar hahaha