Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sweet, silly, innocent booker.

yep, booker has done it again. last night while in the pool there were 4 kids playing, my two little white haired boys and 2 cute little black girls. eventually, they all ended up playing together and the playing commenced into a rousing game of "i spy". the older girl was the one coming up with the clues and booker was the one guessing and this is how it all went down:

girl: i spy with my little eyes something green.
booker: the palm tree?
girl: yeeeees, oooh, you are good.

girl: i spy with my little eyes something white.
booker: the building?
girl: greeeeat job.

girl: i spy with my little eyes something brown.
booker: you?
girl: me? i am not brown. look at this skin,(pointing at her arm)this skin is black! boy, can't you see this skin is black? look at that boy over there..(points at a 20 year old asian boy sun bathing)that boy is brown, I AM BLACK!

sorry to say, but my boy has been told! he is a hot mess if you know what i'm sayin!:)


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA... i love how he just says whatever... he is toooooo cute!!!

Annie said...

That is the cutest thing ever. I can just picture that scenario in my head. So funny. We miss you guys!

Nate and Jessica said...

Ha! I loved visualizing that whole thing. Any pirates out in Vegas?

Anonymous said...

bless the little booker!! ahh the learning lessons of life.
miss everyone
michele and angel

cheeks said...

ah!! that is too funny! She sounds like quite the little spit-fire! i can totally picture this goin down!

Tod and Kim Comin said...

We miss you guys!! When are you coming back for another visit?? We miss hearing and seeing first hand all the funny things the two boys say and do.