Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what can really fit?

This weekend I tried to find something in my bag. I couldn't find it.(and I know that will come as no shock to Beej.) So I decided to clean it out and see just what WAS in my mighty Mary Poppin bag....
hairbows, necklaces, headbands, diapers, a whale, a fake cell phone, thank you notes(really thank you Jess, Cara, and Elizabeth all the way back to my baby shower(what a horrible friend I am!), 2 different bags of snacks, keychains, cd from a kids meal, family photo cd, checkbook, wallet, many pens, assorted papers, cards and envelopes, empty treat bags, nursing cover, 3 different sunscreens, some brainstorming ideas for a new "top secret" project, wipes, gum, and a piece of my stroller that i need to adhere back onto my stroller. and sadly enough, that isn't counting the trash. yuck.

I have such a hard time keeping my bag clean and organized and would love to say that this much will never be found in my bag again, but I know what happens and in another month, will be cleaning it out again.
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cheeks said...

ah....the reason i try to downsize when i buy a purse! I totally do the same thing....now my purse is small, but i have a diaper bag that collects everything else! very funny!

Nate and Jessica said...

Man, good thing you got that whale out of there! He was taking up WAY more than his fair share of space. Missed you at bball tonight. :(