Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wild Animal Park

While in San Diego, we did so many fun things. One day we made our way out to the Wild Animal Park, and the kids could not have been happier.
I thought this was such a sweet picture of the boys and as I went back and looked at my pictures from the day, found a lot of them were of the back of their head because they wouldn't ever look at me...those animals were WAY cooler to look at!:)

This is how Maizie started her day out:

Where we couldn't see the animals up close, Booker found a telescope and saw..

lots of giraffes, and even more baby giraffes,

some impressive rhinos,
and of course, zebras, and gazelles.
It was so nice spending some quality time with grandma and climbing up and down hills all day.
They even had a fun dinosaur exhibit there right now and the boys were in HEAVEN.

Booker gave the exhibit one thumb up...
actually, let's make that two thumbs up.
and Lincoln, well, he sat and looked at these dinosaurs for about 10 minutes all by himself.
Then it was off to play dinosaurs,
and color dinosaurs. (don't you love how Lincoln's face is the same in these two pics)
All while Maizie caught some z's.
It wasn't 3 minutes after getting into the car that both boys were fast asleep...AHHHH, the joys of the Wild Animal Park.


Sarah Walton said...

Hey you guys! looks like you've been having a blast in San Diego! so fun.

kerstin said...

I'm SO jealous! I LOVE the Wild Animal Park! The Zoo is awesome there too =) Have lots of fun with Grandma!

Anonymous said...

there is no mistaking those blonde heads from any angle!!!