Monday, July 6, 2009

the last few san diego pics

The last few days in San Diego we stayed busy and relaxed. We threw a birthday party for grandma Kim. She turned 22. least that is how many candles she blew out...

all in one blow! we hope your wish came true!

and of course took another trip to the beach to take in some sun, relax and play.

Some of us wanted to play more than others..:)
So Lincoln, how WAS this trip to San Diego?
Two thumbs up???
ahhh, yes, I would totally agree. can't wait to do it again!
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Annie said...

Nothing spells fun more than two super sandy thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

that bathing beauty sure looks like a couple of blonde headed young beach buddies i know!!
what a day

Kim and Tod said...

I can't wait either- when you are here is the only time we get to the beach- at least for play...come soon!